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All Guide Install PS3 – Gamehorizons

All Guide Install PS3 – Gamehorizons

1.PS3 Jailbreak

I’m going to show you guys how to jailbreak a FAT / SLIM PS3 running OFW for this tutorial, and you’re going to need a PS3 & USB to instal CFW. You will need to instal the installed flsh.hex file on your USB, then go to RedTheTrainer and trigger the NOR / NAND exploit. You can now instal the CFW from your USB in the storage option of the PS3 update.

Author for NAND / NOR: Here
CFW PS3 4.82: Download

Download the File / Game Manager multiMAN

I’ll teach you guys in this tutorial how to instal the MultiMAN File / Game like NFS Manager for PS3 running 4.82 CFW! For this tutorial, you’ll need a USB.
MultiMan: This is here

Play Safely Online Without Ban

In this tutorial, with 4.82 FERROX CFW installed, I’ll show you how to play PS3 game one punch man online safely! You can very easily get disqualified for games without the PSN Patch and PSNinja enabled! Make sure you do this before logging into the PSN account any time you turn on your PS3. Click the X button when launching the PSN Patch before you hear a beep!
Downloading PSNinja:
Download the PSN Patch:

How To Move FERROX 4.82 to 4.81.22 REBUG

I’ll teach you guys in this video how to turn from FERROX 4.82 to REBUG 4.81.2! The REBUG is a much better custom firmware that allows your PS3 to run with a lot more features! When downloading the CFW, if you get an error, then power off your PS3 and instal it through safe mode!
REBUG 4.81.2 Download CFW:

How To Upgrade REBUG 4.81.2 to 4.82.1 Lite Version REBUG 4.82.1

I’ll be demonstrating how to upgrade your PS3 from REBUG 4.81.2 to REBUG 4.82.1 Lite Version in this tutorial! I’ll also show you how to mount this firmware ‘s supported Toolbox. Until you update, make sure you are running Toggle QA. RUBG 4.82.1 is perfect because playing online doesn’t require firmware spoofing!

REBUG 4.82.1 Edition of the Lite: here

Install Toggle QA: here

How to Jailbreak Your PS3 on 4.84 or lower firmware!

To take on firmware 4.84, PS3Xploit returns! You can now jailbreak your PS3 using just software if you have a PlayStation 3 on firmware 4.84 or lower, and it has a low enough minimum firmware update! No flashers for hardware, no need to take the console apart, no need to downgrade anymore! Anyone with a compatible PS3 can patch their console and instal custom firmware (CFW), thanks to the developers over at PS3Xploit.

The technique here is to ensure that a jailbreak can be done by your PS3, meaning that the number you get from MinVerChk must be 3.56 or lower. Anything higher than 3.56 WILL NOT work from this exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must not be higher than Firmware 4.84 if your PS3 is compatible! Regardless of what firmware you are on, the new update of 4.84 HFW from PS3Xploit would need to flash first. This is a Hybrid Firmware (HFW) that will instal a modified version of 4.84, enabling the PS3Xploit tools to be released. You MUST update 4.84 HFW, even if you’re on a standard 4.84 firmware! On standard 4.84 firmware, this method will not work!

You can dump your PS3 NAND or NOR onto a FAT32 formatted flash drive from there. This should be done at any installation, just in case the flash needs to be restored to your device at some point in the process. Copy a particular file to your flash drive after that, and run the Writer tool. This procedure will flash the file and “patch” the new 4.84 HFW to your console so that it is ready for CFW. You can simply reboot your console, take a 4.84 (or higher) CFW of your choosing, and instal it directly via the XMB after checking your PS3 has been patched successfully!

You MUST have a compatible PS3 in order to do all this. All of the Fat / Phat models work! The 20XX and 21XX versions are both compatible if you want to do this on a slim console. 25XX models that display 3.56 or lower on MinVerChk are going to work, not something that shows a higher firmware. A PS3 model higher than 25XX is not going to work! This involves newer versions of Slim and all models of Super Slim.

Domain for PS3Xploit: Here

Models of the PS3: Here

Flash Writer & Info on Dumper: Here

4.84 HFW: Here,

CFW Options: Here are the choices:

MD5Checker: pictured here

PyPS3checker: Here are the checkers:

MultiMan: This is here

How to mount HAN on Firmware 4.84 on any PS3 Super Slim Mod

For 4.84 consoles, PS3Xploit returns with another HAN implementation! HAN, aka etHANol, is a way to adjust any PS3 model out there, as long as it has 4.84 or lower firmware mounted on it! Bear in mind that this is not a CFW (Custom Firmware), so with a CFW console you really do not do a lot of the ease and insane customization you can do with a HAN console. HAN allows you to have some elevated functions, primarily downloading as PKG files your own games as long as they have been properly prepared and resigned to your particular console. Homebrew, if any, is highly restricted, so do not expect something like MultiMAN to run. I would highly recommend a CFW PS3 over a HAN PS3 for any use if you have the opportunity, but if you want to play around with this or HAN is your only choice, feel free to proceed with the tutorial.

This tutorial will take you through the whole process of downloading the appropriate files, preparing your USB drive, upgrading to 4.84 HFW, dumping ACT / IDPS files from your console, installing HAN, and installing the HAN Toolbox. As they are unique to your account / console combination, the ACT / IDPS files are extremely significant, they will also be necessary to resign any packages that you wish to instal to your console in the future!

Domain for PS3Xploit: Here

Download HAN Toolbox: Here

How to Backup & Install HAN for PS3 Games: Here’s how to instal PS3 games:

How to Install HAN PKG / RAP Games PS3Xploit v3 RIF Activation Guide: Here is a tutorial for installing PKG / RAP games:

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 Torrent Download – Gamehorizons

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 Torrent Download – Gamehorizons

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a 2005 racing video On his racing version of the BMW M3 GTR, the player character arrives in Rockport city. An illegal racing league was going to start in the city that was dominated by the Blacklist, the highly qualified community consisting of the city’s best 15 drivers. A new challenger arrives at the Rockport city league stage who loses his car in a race with the “Razor” # 15th Blacklist. He must now approach Razor through the Blacklist ranks to defeat him. It was released on November 11, 2005, on Android, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows for PC games, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Gamecube, Advance Game Boy, on various platforms.

Device Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: Athlon XP or Pentium 4
  • SPEED OF CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB Speed: 256 MB
  • Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 32 MB DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX+ / ATI Radeon 7500 + / Intel 915 +) compatible 3D video card
  • 3D: Yes, 3D: Yes,
  • HARDWARE T&L: Yes, yes , yes,
  • DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c (on disc included)
  • SOUND CARD: Yeah, yes , yes,
  • Room OF FREE DISK: 3 GB
  • CD-ROM: 8X Speed CD / DVD-ROM (This game includes technology designed to prevent copying of CDs / DVD-ROMs, CDs / DVD-RWs and virtual drives that can interfere with them.)

Device Specifications Recommended

  • CPU: Athlon XP or Pentium 4
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM
  • Operating System : Windows 2000 / XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 64 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 6200 + / ATI Radeon 9800 +) 3D video card
  • Max RAM VIDEO: 64 MB
  • 3D: Yes, 3D: Yes,
  • HARDWARE T&L: Yes, yes , yes,
  • DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c (on disc included)
  • SOUND CARD: Yeah, yes , yes,
  • Room OF FREE DISK: 3 GB

CD-ROM: 8X Speed CD / DVD-ROM (This game includes technology designed to prevent copying of CDs / DVD-ROMs, CDs / DVD-RWs and virtual drives that can interfere with them.)

How to Setup:

In order to perfectly install the game without the any errors, please follow steps mentioned below:

Before Installation disable any Antivirus
Turn off your Firewall
Run Setup as "Run as Administrator"

1)Mount the NFSMW.iso
2)Enter the CD-Key given in the download folder.
3)Select the destination folder and install the game.
4)After installation complete, run patch.exe.
5)Copy speed.exe from the download folder and paste and replace it in the game destination folder.
6) Rus Speed.exe as "Run as Administrator "

Video Installation

Download Torrent

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Will there be season 3 of One Punch Man? (2020 Best Information) – GameHorizons

One Punch Man is an excellent comedy shounen series that is also one of the world’s most successful anime series, so why is there no sequel so far, and are we ever going to get Season 3 of One Punch Man?
We’ll never learn what’s happening to Garou without the third season, and whether he gets to fight with the rest of the S-class heroes. I know that since he is too powerful, he won’t overcome Saitama, but I wonder about the rest.
Checking out the manga would be the only way to learn that without a third season, but OPM is one of the series I prefer to watch.
The issue is that in 2020, One Punch Man Season 3 has not yet been formally confirmed, and I have heard that many people feel that season 2 of One Punch Man was a failure, so there will not be a continuation.

How will we find out if there will be Season 3 of One Punch Man?

In the last few years, I’ve been investigating hundreds of anime series and whether they got a continuation or what the issue was if they didn’t get one.

I can tell you that looking at the source material, sales, and success is the best way to know if a sequel is going to happen.

From that data, you can say 95 % of the time whether another season will occur or whether there are no plans to continue a series. I did the same with One Punch Man, so you’ll love this article about OPM if you want to know if there’s going to be a continuation of One Punch Man.
Let me now send you the data I find in 3 sections and tell you if you should expect the announcement of One Punch Man Season 3 in 2020.

Let ‘s begin with a detailed look at the source content.

Section 1: Content Details Basis For One Punch Man Season 3 Season 3

Since original anime is uncommon, the source material is important, which means most anime would use existing content for an adaptation. It’s typically a manga, a light novel, a graphic novel, or even a game.

For One Punch Man, the source material is the manga.

We need to check how many volumes of manga have been published so far and if the story is still continuing in 2020. If the story ends or is close to finishing, that may be why OPM will fail to get green-lit for another season. In the other hand, it raises the likelihood of a sequel as it did for Classroom of The Elite Season 2 if there is plenty of material left.

After that, for the first two seasons, we need to find out how many manga volumes have been used. The anime catches up with the source material occasionally, and there needs to be a break. No Game No Life Season 2 is a sequel that didn’t take place because of source material issues.

How many of the One Punch Guy volumes are there?

There are currently 22 One Punch Man manga volumes published in 2020 in Japan. Chapters 107-138 in tankōbon format have not yet been published by One Punch Guy. The chapters are published by Shueisha in Tonari no Young Jump magazine.

Is One Punch Guy underway yet?

Still continuing is the One Punch Guy manga. Author One ‘s new volume (Mob Psycho 100) was released in Japan on September 4 , 2020.

Author One (Mob Psycho 100) writes the initial manga, but it’s drawn by Yusuke Murata. Three OPM books have been published in 2019 and just one in 2020 so far.

What manga volumes are covered by One Punch Man’s anime?

Volumes 1-7 were updated for the first season of One Punch Guy, which premiered in 2015. Manga volumes 8-16 were used during the second season. That means that after anime, manga volume 17 starts, giving us six books to get used to season 3 of OPM.

For another season of One Punch Guy, there’s still not enough source material, but that should be solved in 2021. For the One Punch Man manga, the pace of release is high.

Part 2: Details on Revenue & Benefit For One Punch Man Season 3

It’s fair to say that it’s pretty expensive to produce most anime, and if we’re talking about one court show like OPM, it might be as much as $3 million a season.

To get a second season, One Punch Man was lucrative enough, but how well did the sequel do?

For a sequel, it is common to drop some sales, and it also happens to be a mega famous series. Noragami’s sequel fared worse than the first season, and that’s why there’s no season 3 of Noragami so far.

Now, let’s see if, in terms of sustaining revenue and benefit, the OPM sequel did well.

Sales for One Punch Man Blu-Ray

Average sales per volume of one Punch Man was around 10,000 for the first season and 1,300 for the second season.

The first season of One Punch Man had impressive Blu-Ray sales. With more than an 80 percent fall, the second season bombed.

It would ruin the possibility of a sequel if this happened five years ago. Fortunately, in 2020, Blu-Ray sales don’t matter too much, well, at least for the large shounen sequence.

And it didn’t mean that a sequel is guaranteed except for series that had strong Blu-Ray sales, because we still don’t have Accel World Season 2.

Sales of One Punch Man Manga

I looked at the sales of volume 22 of the new One Punch Man manga, and it sold around 400,000 copies. Volume 21 sold 600,000 or so copies. OPM did not rank for 2019 in Japan’s top 10 best-selling manga series, which is a shame because it had anime.

The manga sales are fantastic, given that My Hero Academia and other major shounen manga series are about 400,000 per volume. The problem is that the volume sold 200,000 more copies beforehand. I wonder what went on there.

Merchandise Numbers for One Punch Man

Eighty-five figures are available for One Punch Man and Saitama nad Genos are 70 percent and Garou and Tatsumaki are the rest. For One Punch Guy, there are also 800 goods produced.

It is also outstanding for the number of goods and figures. For the second season, I had expected a little more merchandise and statistics, because even Konosuba season 2 got more.

In terms of figures and merchandise, I wonder how Konosuba Season 3 and One Punch Man Season 3 would look. Konosuba has more of both at present.

Sales at One Punch Guy Games

Two new games for One Punch Man in 2019 have been announced. One is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One , and PC, and one for iOS and Android.

One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows was released in February 2020 on PC , PS4, and Xbox. In Japan, the game sold just about 10,000 copies, which is not good for major shounen assets.

From what I read about it, the game didn’t like people.

One Punch Guy is the mobile one: Road to Hero, and it looks like it’s doing poorly as well. It did not rank in the top 300 mobile games in Japan or the USA. I reviewed the February, March, and even April rankings for iOS and Android.

It looks like there is One Punch Guy now that’s doing much better than the first version: Road to Hero 2.0. And the second mobile game, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Best, is a fantastic one.

As in the case of Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2 or Overlord Season 4, a successful mobile game profit may make a sequel more possible, so it’s nice to see it doing better now.

The above are just the key means that an adaptation of an anime will produce profit, but there are more ways in which anime makes money. I’m not going to post them all because that post will be ten times longer.

But for One Punch Guy, here are a few examples: soundtrack, ending / opening songs, web radio, Viz Media international license, Hulu streaming, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Live Action Video.

The PC game did badly, and the BD sales dropped a lot, but the manga, merchandise, mobile game, and streaming are doing well, so for now there should be no profit problem for OPM. Season 2 of OPM has caused major harm to the franchise, but let’s hope it can be resolved by season 3.

Section 3: Popularity Knowledge Season 3 for One Punch Guy

When it expands or has a huge fanbase that can sustain it, it only makes sense to continue an anime series with more seasons. So, when analyzing franchise viability for a sequel, success is a big factor to remember.

And one that looks like it has had a decline in particular.

Look at Tokyo Ravens Season 2 if you need an example. That is a sequel that never happened because to help it, it never had a large enough following.

In the case of success, what we are most interested in is how the overall franchise of One Punch Man was impacted by the second season. We’ll look at Google Trends, the official website, new merchandise, printed copies, to do that.

That will help us understand the current success and operation after season 2 of the One Punch Man franchise.

The Social Media

The official Twitter account for One Punch Man is updated almost daily and has more than 183k followers already. The official website is also up to date.

I expected to have far more followers on the OPM Twitter account because it’s less than other shounen series such as AOT, My Hero Academia or Demon Slayer.

Trends from Google

Season 2 of OPM was roughly 30-40 percent less successful than season 1. It still has a huge following that can compete with other series, such as My Hero Academy or Titan Assault.

It’s odd that the second opening song was not nearly as successful as the first.

The Manga

The series actually has 20,000,000 copies in print, as of 07/2019, in terms of manga. From OPM season 2, the sales didn’t boost much, but I don’t think that matters.

For series such as Goblin Slayer that didn’t get much boost from anime, it’s much worse, which possibly means no Goblin Slayer Season 2.


The franchise is doing well as well as merchandise. Every month, there are plenty of new products to choose from. The sad thing is that a small number of Fubuki figures are still present.

Season 2 of One Punch Man was not as big as season 1 was, but it was still successful. There’s no doubt the second season didn’t do the franchise any good. The mainstream attention the franchise received from the first season was hurt.

There Will Be One Season 3 Punch Guy

One Punch Man is just too big not to make it to the next season. This prints cash with how popular it is, particularly in the west. It’s not too big a stretch to say, along with My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, it’s the most popular recent anime in the West.

So I wouldn’t worry about Season 3 of One Punch Man because it was going to happen.

The real question is the release date and whether it’s going to look more like OPM season 1. I would say, if I had to guess, in 2021, or more likely, in 2022. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything this year about the release date for season 3.

And I hope that at least the sound will change in the third season. In Season 2 of One Punch Man, that was the worst part for me. Since One Punch Man is an action-packed anime that benefits from great animation, the fighting scenes also need a lot of work.

Perhaps next time, the animation studio J.C.Staff will deliver the anime with better animation quality. Or maybe a miracle is going to happen, and Shingo Natsume is coming back to work on Season 3 of OPM.

Next year, this article will be updated again, and we’ll see if perhaps something has changed. In the meantime, if you are curious about the chances of some other series receiving a continuation, you can check the anime-continue category.

I hope this article has helped you understand the odds of One Punch Man Season 3 being announced in 2020.