BDO Sea Monster Hunting Guide 2021

In the year 2015, Korean company Pearl Abyss published the Black Desert Online.  BDO is a multi-member online game where the storyline follows a fantasy. The player has to role-play in the game. The game is free to play; however, the company resources its revenues from the buy option in the game.

The combat-based game requires aiming, combos, targeting, blocking, etc. There are many features and environment zones present in the game. One of them is Monster Sea. Today, sailing is considered one of the cool features of the Black Desert Online. The recent updates have proved to be beneficial for the BDO monster hunt.

Not all the players try to go into that part of the game because of various reasons. One of them is that the sea does not look much rewarding in the game. Hence, Pearl Abyss is trying to upgrade the game to make the BDO monster hunt more and more tempting to incentivize the players. The article is an in-depth record of the monster hunt. We have everything you wish to know about the sea and how to approach it.

Who Are The Sea Monsters

The concept features the monsters of the sea. The players kill these monsters as they yield Guilds on dying. The ocean also contains Pirate ships for you to fight and win Guilds from. What all monsters do you find in the BDO? Here is the list of the monsters and the pirate ships:

MonsterPirate Ships
Black RustSmall Goldmont Battleship
HekaruMedium Goldmont Battleship
Ocean StalkerLarge Goldmont Battleship

Where To Find the Sea Monsters

There are specific zones outlined to find a monster. They player. Here are the boundaries and their traits mentioned:

RedHekaru can be found in this zone spawning.
WhiteIn this zone, you find the monsters like Nineshark, Cadmium, and also Pirate Ships.
BlueOcean Stalker is found roaming and spawning in this zone.
PurpleBlack Rust sea monster spawns in the location.

Facts To Recognize The Sea Monsters:

There are some traits common to sea monsters. Some of which can be that there are both young and adult versions of the monsters in the sea. The Ross and Margoria seas have the younger versions of Black Rust, Nineshark, and Candidum. The drawback of killing a young sea monster is that they do not yield as much loot as the adult ones. However, the player must keep in mind that the seizure is not minimal. Though lesser than the adult ones, it is decent enough to put up a fight for. 

If you still have questions related to locating the Sea monsters, you can ask the Non-player characters.  Different characters have different knowledge of demons and ships. The following Non-player characters can help you:

  • Gintabam: He can tell you everything about Candidum.
  • Bindo: You can go to him if you wish to know about Ocean Stalker.
  • Sihuram: Hekaru and Small Goldmont Battleships can be tracked with his help.
  • Moran: Nineshark and Large Goldmont Battleships can be found with his service.
  • Haeran:  he knows everything about Medium Goldmont Battleships.
  • Siyunchae: medium Goldmont battleships are found with his help.

Why To Hunt Monsters In Black Dust Online Game

There are many rewards that you can get from the BDO Monster Hunt apart from Loots. Though loot can be good enough to make the players go for a monster hunt, there are others as well:

1. Exploration

There are a lot of Underwater Spots and locations to explore. You can visit all of them via Monster hunt. Just like the real sea, the monster sea of BDO is highly explorable. It adds a little excitement to the player. 

2. Experience Of Sailing 

Sailing isn’t an easy job. It is quite adventurous and fun. If you go for the BD Monster hunt, you can have the experience of sailing just sitting in your room. The feature is so cool to play. 

3. Fishing 

When you get the sailing experience in exploration in the monster hunt sea, it helps you. It is quite adventurous and fun in the game. The higher levels, you can find fishing hot spots for you to explore. 

4. A Moment Of Peace

Anything that repeats itself can become boring as well as exhausting. The routine of the game is no exception. When you decide to go for Monster, you get away from the way and have a change of place and features, which gives you a little peace of mind and new ventures to go. It makes your brain and mind start working in new directions again. 

5. Cash 

The cash is the prime and the most important feature to look out for when deciding to go for a Monster hunt. Who doesn’t want currency and Indian currency can be used for a lot of purposes. They can make you win or lose the game. The more the money, the freer of mind you are while playing the game. When you have extra cash, you do not need to worry about anything else and just work on your skills. 

Guide to hunt the sea monsters

Now that you know everything about the Monsters, their locations, and the incentive to go for the hunt, it’s time to start working. First letters, have a look at what are the things that you need to have before jumping in for The Hunt.  The things that you would be needing are:

1. Ship repairing items:

You would need the sun the sea as the ship can break down or have damages. You must take at least around 60 before going in for the monster hunt. 

2. Gear:

Always have at least a tier of green gear with yourself before going for the monster hunt. 

3. Fuel:

For a 4-hour venture, you may need around six energy. 

Now that you know what you need to go for a monster hunt, let us start the mission. The best and easiest way to kill a monster will be to ram between two ships. The methodology to follow is given below:

  • First Ship should have the monster detecting the range around the edge all the time. Ship to must be just behind the first ship. It would be easier for the first ship to go back to the second in such a motion. 
  • The second ship should always be close and walk in a straight line parallel to the first ship. 
  • Once the Monster is found, both ships should make sure that they ram the monster in between until it dies. 

4. Loot:

Now that you have put the monster to death, the question arises How To Loot. Looting from a sea monster is no different from the rest of the game. The sea monster left behind a lot of currency. The minimum would be around a silver of a hundred million. 

Like the rest of the game, your pets go down and take the loot away for you. This way, you are a lot of silver with the help of just one sea monster. 

Closing Thoughts 

That is it for the BDO Monster Hunt. We have tried to cover all the parts of the monster to find them and How To Loot. We have also understood the process to be followed for hunting a sea monster. The above-given article is a result of close Research and a rational approach. We hope that it helps you in a way or the other.