Best Champions to One Trick in League of Legends – Updated for 2021

Consider the following situation, when you focus on one thing and continuously work on it, will that be more advantageous or to focus on multiple things simultaneously? I think in unity, we can say one thing and work on it. League of legend One-Trick formula works on the same lines. 

How about all your resources and time to invest in one place? Would you want to be the jack of all trades or to be an expert? One trick in League of Legends is what the article is about. Recently we also talked about how to get free skins and increase your honor in Lol.

There are a lot of champions in League of Legends. It is no secret that some of the champions are better than the others. It makes them more obviously open to one trick. However, how to analyse if a champion is fit for one trick formula or not? What exactly is one trick? Will it be helpful? Let us find out. 

One Trick Meaning In Lol

One Tricking is a gameplay tactic where you use and develop your skills only with one champion. This means that you have to play and understand more with one of the champions of your choice. What this will do is to create competition and expertise. 

The players keep one or two other Champions as the backups. However, you cannot just go for any of the champions out of the blue. You have to pick out the one that will work best rationally. Also, One Tricking is not easy. You have to spend hours and invest a lot of your time only in one of the champions. 

Is One Tricking Viable? 

One Trick is a practice known to many, but a large population of players do not have any idea about it. So if you tend to use One Trick, you can surprise your opponents with newer techniques. 

The most important reason why people use one trick is that it helps you rank better. We cannot deny that there are disadvantages as well. Let us have a look at both aspects of One Trick. 


  • It is a time-saving technique. Playing with one champion will help you know the very Core. You will have the knack of all his abilities. When you play with multiple players, you have to learn all their powers and understand them differently. It could have been a great waste of time. The One Trick formula is your time saver. 
  • When you know one champion to all their abilities, you can hold every other aspect of the game. You have experience, and you know what to do and what not. Investing your time in one champion will get you returns like higher win rates. 
  • You can also have a better idea of how to deal with the enemies. Now that for every champion, there is a rival that is difficult to defeat. When you regularly practice with the one, you can have all the tips, tricks and techniques to knock the enemy off. 


  • It is a time-consuming process. A player invests a lot in just one player. It has to test the champion in every possible situation. 
  • There may come up a situation in the game where one tricking won’t work for you. But you have invested everything in one champion; it takes away the right of others to be tested and trained. You may end up losing everything. 
  • Anything repetitive will be an issue. Imagine having the same routine every day, working on the same given topic every day, or having sandwiches every morning. It will become irritating. The One Trick formula is no different.

How To Choose The Right Champion

No one definition of criteria will let you choose the right champion. There are multiple factors involved. 

  • They have to be flexible and versatile to various modes. 
  • They should be powerful and have a range of abilities. 
  • Have leadership qualities and work independently. Here in the game of One Trick, you have to play solo. 
  • Be The Lone wolf and snowballing should be a child’s play for them. 

6 Best Champions For One Trick 

Now that you know what one Tricking is and the pros and cons of it, let’s talk about which Champions can prove to be the best in the formula. 


She is scary but the best Midlander in champion to have one trick tested on. She has a high damage rate that makes you want to take her to the end of the key. She has a very powerful ability to boot herself. It is one of the reasons for her being the best Midlander. 

The same abilities make her one of the best Champions to choose for one trick in League of Legends. Having a high damage rate but a defensive player can prove to be a great thing to consider. She also can split push which is an added advantage. All in all, she is a very flexible Player and proves to be a great fit for one trick. 


The angry Man of League of Legends. This champion is a brutal one. His anger and outrage are what scares the Enemies the most. They also give a boost to his abilities which too are commendable. 

When you use the combination of flash and Ghost on him, he becomes unbeatable. There will be blood baths across the game. He isn’t stopping anywhere, and this makes a really good candidate for One Trick. 


When you are looking for a champion that can work in long-range combat, Ashe is for you. When you look at her CC debuffs, you will know why. 

The best part about her is that she is a very basic champion to start with. You will get comfortable. Later as the game progresses, she will also show you how lethal she can be. 

She has an ability called hawk shot. Through which she can track and get information about the enemy from any part of the field. A strong player with this ability is a real jackpot for one trick. Her Frost Shot ability slows down the enemy and has the potential to grow into a winning machine. 


The champion is a Trophy to have. He is flexible to many game modes and versatile enough to attack too many. He can not only give the enemy but his entire team single-handedly. 

A very famous power of the champion is that if he is unseen by the enemy he gets more powerful. He also is a hypermobile Assassin. He can be a really powerful addition to your team and the right choice to work on for one trick. 


The champion is the best support player. If you are looking for a one-trick support champion he can be a bull’s eye to hit on. The champion is an all-rounder. 

Not only does he have a great damage rate but also is a perfect tanker. That does not mean he can’t be an attacker. The Killer rates threats too are applaudable. The player is a great leader because not only thinks about himself but also the team. He will kill and squeeze the enemy to put his team ahead. 


It may not sound to be the best of the champions to have one trick on. Trust us; she can be. What makes her the best is that she is hard to play but fun as well. You will get to know new abilities now and then. The stock of power and abilities is what one trick needs. 

The damage and survival rate too put the enemy in a fix. A great CC debuffing, her kit is one perfect way for One Tricking. 

Closing Thoughts 

That was about the best Champions to one trick. We tried to provide you with a comprehensive guide with every detail of One Tricking. There are many other Champions that can fit for one track. The list given above is our top 6. Be with us for more content like this.