Best DPI For League Of Legends – 3 Tips

League Of Legends, the most famous game, is the beast of all. You have to play the game once if you are a gatcha gaming fan. From champions to graphics, everything about the game is perfect. It is no joke that the game has been awarded as the most played esports. DPI for League of Legends is one important factor to consider while playing the game.

To all the League Of Legend Fans, you must be looking for ways to improve the game. With so much competition around, it is important to stay top-notch in your game. You have to upskill every day and learn new things. DPI for League Of Legends is a setting that you have to set right to stay ahead level up the honor in the game.

Best DPI For League Of Legends

What Is DPI?

Before diving into the topic of DPI for lol, let us first understand what is DPI? The DPI stands for dots per inch. In terms of definition, it is the measure of the resolution of printers, mice, etc.

The mouse determines the sensitivity of the gaming mouse. If the mouse has a high DPI, then even a slit change in movement will affect the pointer’s position in huge amounts. For example, if the mouse has a DPI of 1600, its motion will cause it to move by 1600 pixels.

Setting the right DPI is important in gaming. It plays a huge difference while in the game. The article intends to inform you about the best dpi for lol and add information related to it. 

How Can Your Mouse Affect Your Game

For. ” professionals or aspiring to become one, it would be a nightmare to think that the mouse can hold you back. You are working hard day and night on improving and plotting your game. Still, because of minor issues, you are to sit around. It can make anyone furious when you find out that the problem is the mouse and not you.

A mouse with high dpi will not cover much space on the screen, while when the mouse has a lower dpi, it will cover a lot of space. It may confuse the players to decide on the dpi. Do not worry! We are here for you.

The Acceleration Matters

Mouse acceleration may not be the best idea. It can negatively affect your performance in the game. A lot of players are unaware of the fact the mouse acceleration has to be turned off. When mouse acceleration is on, it will not let you have full control of the mouse. It will be under the power of the system for acceleration. Hence you have to turn it off. 

Windows should be disabled from handling the mouse. Recently windows decided to increase the default acceleration. It has to be turned off. If you are suffering from ways to turn the acceleration off in the system, we are here for your assistance.

Steps To Turn The Mouse Acceleration Off

Follow the steps below to turn the mouse acceleration Off:

  • Go to the search bar of your system and look for “Mouse settings.” Press enter.
  • The screen will have the tab open. Navigate to the change mouse settings option.
  • In the mouse, settings go to the “additional settings” option.
  • There will be many options and tabs available. Locate the “Pointer Options.” 
  • There will be an option called “Enhance Pointer Precision.” Uncheck the box next to it.
  • Apply the changed settings, and you are done.

With these simple and straight steps, you have easily turned the mouse acceleration off. It will take only a minute to follow the steps above.

 How To Find The Best Mouse DPI For Yourself?

Now that we know everything about LOL DPI let us head straight to the original question. How will you find the best DPI for your mouse? Let us dive in!

Depending upon your playstyle, there are three kinds of LOL DPI that you can have. We will list all the three down, help yourself and choose the right one:

High DPI(1800-3200)

If you need quick movements in the game, you have to choose a higher DPI. However, this will result in less arm movement in the game. However, quick movements mean that you will get more skills, and it will also help you in dodging the attacks from the enemy. 

On the flip side, it negatively affects your movement area and will give you lesser accuracy over your attacks. The precision of attacking will also decrease. 

Hence higher DPI is for people who want quick moments but are well versed with attacking skills. 

Low DPI (400-800)

a game is all about the skills and precision of the player. Without right movements and precision, you cannot win the game. 

If you are a player who wants to showcase and improve on their skills, then DPI can assist you with the same. If you are struggling with a lower precision and arm movement while attacking, you should go for a lower DPI. 

Lower DPI will make your movements slower than before. However, it also means that you have to compromise on the movement part. Go for a lower DPI if you are ready to compromise and practice your movements while improving your attacking skills. 

Medium DPI (800-1800)

the medium DPI is like the jack of all trades. It wants to have the best of both Precision and Quikr movements. However, in a competitive game where a slight difference in one skill can make you lose, is it possible? 

A DPI set in the middle range can be a problem because it will not promise you uncontrollable fast movements or a Precision that can make you win. The action will be in the metal, but what is the problem? 

The reflex that you need to watch instantly during an attack will be lost. The accuracy that you need to have while attacking an enemy will not be excellent either. 

Therefore a DPI in the middle range may not be the best choice and will leave you in the middle of the sea. 

 Steps To Change The LOL DPI In Mouse 

now that you know how to choose the right sensitivity for your mouse, let us have a look over the steps involved in the process of changing:

  • Search for the settings in your Windows search bar and go for the devices screen. 
  • On the device’s screen, navigate to the mouse settings and click on it. 
  • There will be a tab called the motion section; click on it. 
  • Here, you can set the speed according to your preference. 
  • Once you are done, you can click on apply, and the changes are implemented.

A Note On In-Game Settings 

It should be noted that League of Legends has its in-game default settings. It includes Mouse sensitivity settings as well. While changing the windows settings for DPI, your in-game settings may clash with it. 

To rectify the situation, make sure that you have cleared the LOL in-game settings. 

The Closing Thoughts

It should be noted that some of the gaming products out there have software that allows you to set the mouse setting in depth. The software is optimized as per the needs of that particular Mouse. Using such Mouse well that you’ll generate leaves in the game very quickly, and we recommend you to opt for these gaming mice. 

Every little detail matters when you are going for a competitive game like League of Legends. DPI for League of Legends is one such detail that cannot be ignored. The article given above may help you clear the doubt regarding the DPI and how it can help you. 

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