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The cosmetics and skin that Riot offers have grown in design and effects to a magnificent level. Riot has worked hard on the animation and features its skins. IG Fiora is considered to be one of the top-rated and the best skins of League of Legends. From its features to the spell, everything is spellbinding. 

The backdrop is Riot introduces or launches a new skin line every year in its World Championship. The skin line is unique and is limited to 5 champions. The Fiora skin line was introduced after Season 8 of League of Legends. Ever since its launch, It has generated a different fan base amongst the players. 

Fiora comes from the Invictus Gaming skin line of season 8. In the frame season, Riot has introduced many other skins. However, none can be compared to Fiora. Amongst all the skins that IG Fiora has, we are listing the top five. Let us understand what is the best that this amazing and deserving skin line has to offer. 

What Is IG Fiora 

After season 8, Kang “TheShy ” Seung-lok was the squad that bagged the IG Fioda skin for the first time. Since then, the skin has gained popularity and fame across the globe. Shy had used Fiora in his entire game the next season. It was then that the skin was adopted by other players as well. 

The Fiora comes in two shades: shaded blue and silvery-white. This, combined with her short blonde hair, Sword, and armor, turns out to be a treat for the eyes. When the normal version of the skin is so eye-pleasing, we fall short of words if we talk of the ultimate skin. 

The skin has been developed and updated with time. If you wonder what the cost of this marvelous skin would be, it is just 1350 RPs. However, the skin only adds to the champion’s character, and hence it is worth the price. 

Our Top Picks From Fiora Skin Line For Season 10

We have filtered out our best picks of Fiora skins for you. Given below is a list and description of the best Fiora skins for season 10. 

1. IG Fiora 

Needless to say that IG Fiora is the best screen of season 10. As mentioned earlier, the Shy’s magnificent win in the season 2018 marked the beginning of the skin. The skin has been a perfect fit for the performance that he made in the season. 

If you wonder why we call IG Fiora the best skin of all, it is because of its detailed work and clean design. The effects used by Riot in the skin has given the character a more angelique and Dark look. The features added by a Riot in this look have given the face of Fiora a more angelic and angular look. The overall skin spices up the already attractive character. 

2. Soaring Sword Fiora 

Have you seen the soaring swords in Chinese movies? Are you a fan? If yes, then this splashing sword could be an attraction for you. It is the best of the features in this Fiora skin. The character of the skin has only been increased to become more fascinating each day. The skin story revolves around Fiona studying under mastery only to venture out to find the Jade Sword and protect her love. 

3. Pool Party Fiora

As suggested by the name, the skin has a little fun element in it. Along with the fantastic features and magnifications, the skin also adds to the quirky side of Fiora. The bite of the skin is read as “fun under the sun”. When we talk of Summer, we can think of bright colors and chirpy birds. The same goes with the skin, which has bright colors unusual to the dark character of Fiora. 

The fault side is also elevated with many of the features, including attacks. When you try to attack or stab the enemy, unusual sounds make the fight a little funny. 

4. Heart Piercer Fiona

A cringe name, isn’t it? However, the purpose of this outfit is to be the opposite of every romantic thing in the game. As suggested by the name, it only hates love. The company has hearts all over with a matching sword. It can be a little overwhelming to watch such bright and unique outfits. 

To win this outfit, there is no other way than to work hard and earn chests. The outfit has been made unavailable from the Store. You cannot purchase it. Only hack structures can get you through the path to the outfit. 

5. Project Fiora

Anything that is updated can be the most attractive thing in the game. This outfit of Fiora is the latest in design and crisp watch. With brand new features and a design that is fresh this outfit of Fiora has won hearts. 

The outfit was designed keeping in mind what the future Fiora will be. What do you think when you see your future? What do you want to be? Obviously a better version of yourself. The future Fiora works on the same line. She is faster and an overall better version than her older self. 

Filled with Chroma colors it is one of the best skins of the Fiora skin line. Do go for it if you are looking for a change. 

Closing Thoughts 

Choosing the best outfits for the Fiora skin line has been a tough job. Every skin is unique and has the best of features in itself. It becomes unrealistic to choose the best amongst them. Using our personal preferences and closely observing every element, we boiled down to the five best skins for Fiora season 10. We hope that the article was of any help to you. 

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