Best PoE Loot Filter Sounds To Download And Use

Path of exile is undoubtedly one of the most famous games across the esports industry. The craze of the game has never shown any dip. The reason is the undeniably fantastic features, characters, and storyline of the game. Path of exile gives enough space to its users for customisation. 

One such fantastic feature is that you can add and customise your sounds in the game. The little act of letting people customise the came according to them makes it more user friendly and homely. This is one of the reasons for the path of exile being most popular among people. 

It offers you a bunch of loot sounds that you can use. Each one of them is unique and effective in its way. We are here with a list of POE loot filter sounds that can increase the effects of your came to another level. We will also inform you about how you can set the custom sound settings.  Recently we also talked about the POE Prophecy guide and fractured walls so make sure to check them out.

How To Set A Custom POE Loot Filter Sound

The POE Delve’s league launch brought with them a lot of space for customisation. It gave the uses a chance to make the game more optimised as per their needs and wants. 

POE loot filter sounds loafers. You are almost ten different sounds and a filter sound that you can use or customise as per your needs. To customise the sound, you need to replace the older default settings and files. 

All you need to do is to erase the earlier files and copy the ones that we left below (exactly the same) :

  • 12leveling.mp3
  • 6veryvaluable.mp3
  • 3uniques.mp3
  • 1maybevaluable.mp3
  • 2currency.mp3
  • 7chancing.mp3
  • 5highmaps.mp3
  • placeholder.mp3
  • 4maps.mp3

After setting the above bits of help almost, you have to Trigger them and use them in the game. Only after performing all these functions will the sound be installed in settings on your device. 

Best POE Loot Filter Sounds 

There is a bucket full of options to choose from. It isn’t an easy task. There is no time for anyone to check out every other option present on the game. We decided to do it for you. The list of the BEST POE loot filter sounds:

1. RaizQT Loot Filter Sound Pack

The community is well known in the area of Path Of Exile Gaming. The streamer has one of the largest views for the path of exile streaming online. The community is so well known that it is not possible that you have been playing POE and not have come across them. 

They have created a POE loot filter sound, which is unarguably one of the best POE loot filter sound present online. Do check these sounds, and you will not be disappointed. 


2. Diablo 2 Nostalgia Loot Filter For 3.10 Delirium

Diablo is the father of and inspiration of the father of Path Of Exile. The game has been one of the most famous games, and we know that path of exile was inspired by it. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another ride to the era of Diablo. 


3. Niko The Mad Custom Loot Filter Pack

The POE loot filter sound is inspired from nowhere else can path of exile itself. Hence the music is so that it goes perfectly with the feel of the game. 

You can guess by the name that the music is inspired and tracked around NIKO. Install the amazing soundtrack and enjoy.


4. StarCraft 2 Terran Loot Filter Sound Pack

Starcraft 2 has been one of the heroes of gaming, and it’s time. Many of you may have become a little emotional on hearing the game as the memories of the past gaming may have come up again. The sounds and this track are individually designed according to a character or an instance in the game. Do have a look at this mesmerising soundtrack. 


5. Binding Of Isaac Custom Loot Filter Sounds

Are you looking for a hot and spicy soundtrack? Something that could increase the intensity of the game and give your focus a boost? If yes, then the Binding of Isaac soundtrack is perfect for you. The best part about this soundtrack is its drop that is focused and smoothly set itself up. 


6. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Loot Filter For Path of Exile

If you had played heroes in the past, you know the soundtrack of heroes. The sound is not only a remembrance of an old gold came but also a great addition to your list. Do try The Hero song track. 

Link : 

7. Age of Empires 2 Sound Pack

Just like me class six in movies and books, there are once in the game as well. Age of Empires is a classic game that people around the world love. The soundtrack is so that it blends with pathway glide as if it was made for it. Have a look and enjoy

Link : 

8. Dota 2 Sound Pack For Path of Exile Delirium

If you are someone who loves nature and lofi music, Dota songs are just for you. The songs have an amazing effect on the shooting. It is also a very cool and calm filter for any RBC game. 


9. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Sound Pack

Which kid doesn’t remember Tony from his childhood. The game has also famous that we can proudly say that every other kid has been playing the game. The best part is that the soundtrack is still dope. Use Din path of exile, and you will have all the fresh memories from childhood back. 

Link : 

10. Shaper Voicelines Loot Filter Sounds

The Poe loot filter sound is known for one of its attributes. The sharpness of the voice in this practice so that currency dropping can be easily heard and tracked. Along with this attribute, the track is known for its fashionable nature. Install the sound and learn on your own. 


Final Thoughts

Picking up soundtracks is not easy. And when it comes to POE loot filter sounds, it is tougher. There is a vast ocean of options presented online. If you get in there, it will become very much confusing. So gear up and increase your honor in lol to make it more interesting.

We have tried to find the best ones for you, keeping in mind all the needs and wants of the users. We hope that the list was of any help.