Best Supports for Jhin in Season 11

League of Legends has a lot of characters worth mentioning. The characters are distinguished with unique powers and persona. The current system of gaming and League of Legends has been mainly attacking. The game’s latest trends involve attacking the enemy rather than depending or tanking. Jin has been one of the most preferred choices of the people. 

The character was introduced in the year 2011 but has recently gained popularity because of the changes in the gaming statistics. You cannot question the attacking skills of Jhin, and that is why the team has to be picked according to him. We need to pick out the best support for Jhin in season 11. We have done the job for you on his letters have a look:


Morgana had to be on our list. She is one of the best support characters for Jhin in season 11. As stated above, Jhin is all about attacking, and so to complement his power; we need Morgana. The major skills involve shielding and healing. 

The biggest advantage of pairing Morgana with him is that they are very easy to set up with each other. Morgana uses her ability W instead of Q to mark the enemy out this advantage for him as he doesn’t have to follow her by the Deadly flourish. With her powers, Morgana can make the enemy stay at a place so that Jim can come and finish the game. 

At times of attacks, Jhin lacks the mobility needed to escape from the enemy. Morgana comes to play in situations like these. This is because her shielding powers can reduce the enemy damage and CC and hence protect Jhin. It is called Morgana black shield. We can say that they are the best match ever. 


Our next pick for the best support character for Jain in season 11 would be Brand. Jhin and Brand can be best friends in the game as to where one lacks is the strong point of the other. For example, Brand is always seen attacking in the front without hiding, and hence Jhin can use this opportunity to set up. 

Another main power of Brand is the combo of E + Q that he uses. With this combo, he surprises the enemy, and they are confused about what to do next; in the meantime, Jhin can take place and damage the enemy as a whole. This will allow Brand to kill the enemy in the end. 


Nami has been one of the best support characters for Jhin in season 11. This is because of the changes made to the powers in the recent past. It made her the most sought-after support character for Jhin or any other bot. 

Powers and skills depend on the type of enemy she has to face. She is known for attacking and damaging her abilities. To ab damage in control, she also has to heal one. She can shoot and heal simultaneously, making her a perfect combination. 

She compliments Jhin with her destructive powers and becomes the best damage combo. 


Zyra is all about damaging energy of damaging. She is one of the least known characters in The League of Legends. Little did most people know that she is one of the best characters to pair up with Jhin. 

As said above, Jhin is a little squishy. Hence we will need someone to support him to start the game and reach his supreme power of damage. 

Zyra can be the best pic for the same. In addition, the main power of Zyra is the plant that is complemented and triggered by Jhin as well. 


Another character goes hand in hand with Jhin. His meaning power is the main focus when talking of wearing with Jhin. The rocket grab ability of Blitzcrank can be mentioned there. You can Q these powers and trigger the Enemy At Once. What it will do is to bring the enemy very close to the radius of Jhin. You can easily use the opportunity and kill the enemy at once. 

Jhin and Blitzcrank can go hand in hand to destroy the enemy as a powerful combo. You can also use his w and cc powers to take the enemy down. Apart from being the best support character for Jhin in season 11 Blitzcrank, you can be a great character to add to your team and one of the best characters in The League of Legends. 


The character is one of the best pairings for Jhin and has a lot of crowd control. This power comprehends the damaging ability of Jhin. Hence, he can be counted as one of the best support characters for Jhin. 

The character uses Q power called plasma fission to scare the enemy during the entire game. This will do to scare enemies away and keep them out of the range of Jhin. 

He is a lethal character that will hunt the enemies down until he kills them. He has even a higher burst than Gin and can be one of the greatest additions to the team. Be it a solo queue, dual queue, or flex queue; this character can be a pro character in all of these. 


Last but certainly not least, general can also be a great match for Jhin. She makes a dual Attack by damaging the enemy and protecting Jhin against them. She will kill all the enemies like Pro attackers but keep Jhin away from the radius. 

They can be called the Tornado and root combination. Jana cast her Q and targets the enemy while Jhin can set up his root and destroy them at once. She is different from the characters mentioned above. Because they can prevent Jhin from getting the damage, she will reduce the destructive powers of the enemy as a whole. 

She is also known for her E or the shield. Har shielding powers are termed to be the best in the entire game. You cannot forget that she also has healing powers. You can term her to be an allrounder these. 


Our take on the best support characters for Jhin in season 2011. These were our top picks. Use them in the game and see the difference. Do inform us if we have left any of the characters worth mentioning. 

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