Big 5 – review

Big 5 – review

Big 5 free slot play online

Big 5 free slot play Game Online

This free slot welcomes you to the adventurous world of jungles. So, it’s ideal for those types of gamblers hungry for excitement without leaving the monitors. Entering this three barreled video slot with a single payline will transport you to wild kingdom. The rules of survival in jungles have been plain for ages, so producers applied to this basic principle in designing this slot machine. Though kept simple, this video slot provides options to get serious winnings up to 2400 coins. The machine was made to impress gamblers with lively graphics and illustrations. The slot is animal-themed, as gamblers may guess. That explains the choice of icons, which are elephant, wildebeests, lions, leopards, rhinos. As the true king of the jungle, the lion element possesses the highest payout characteristics. Overall, the design and gambling content introduced in this video slot looks and feels professional. As far as sound effects concerned, Big 5 provides impressive music accompaniment. Accurate, catchy music amplifies excitement of gambling on Big 5.

Big 5 – game process

Actually, gamblers’ choices here are minimal and concern choosing coin number (1-3 coin bets) and coin denomination (varying as 0.25-5.00$). It’ll be good news for conservative gamblers not appreciating any innovative tricks that the game lacks wilds and bonus games and is totally classical in game aspect. Winnings may be paid exclusively on highest combinations, as elsewhere. For determining the payout of combinations gamblers might apply to paytable. If you aim at hitting high winnings, increase coin number and denomination at which you are wagering. At one-coin bet King of the Jungle will get you a jackpot equated to just 800 coins, whereas at two-coin bet it becomes two times bigger and gambling with three-coin wager may disclose the whole bag of 2400 coins for you! These rewards are too attractive to resist them. So, enjoy your gameplay and prizes, which are expected to be as unpredictable and thrilling, as in another free slot Cracker Jack.