Black Desert Mobile Best Class Guide 2021

Black Desert, a game by Pearl Abyss, is gaining popularity every day. The game is said to have reached 140 countries. Black desert mobile is one of the most adventurous games presented online. The combat is fast-paced and unique in every sense. 

There are around 14 classes in black desert mobile. Each type is unique for the skills it has. Detailed characterisation of the heroes makes it tempting. The MMO adaptive game can confuse the players. The reason for confusion can be to choose the best class. 

With so many classes in hand, it is not easy to choose a category to pick the character from. Well, if you are confused about what type to wear, the guide of our own. With comprehensive details about the ranking of courses and the best of their character,s we are here to help you choose the most compatible one for you. Recently we also talked about the path of exile prophecy guide so make sure to check it out.

Best Class In Black Desert Tier List 

To simplify things for you, we have categorised the classes in tears from S to C. The classes are arranged in descending order of strength. This implies that s is the most powerful tier and C is the least. Let’s dive n and find out the best classes to choose characters from. 

1. S Tier 

This one is the best tier. You will find the strongest classes in this category. The powerhouse of the game belongs to the list given below.

A. Striker 

if you are someone who needs things easy without care for the class is just for you. It is easy to learn, and hence you don’t have to invest much time in understanding the character powers. You can use the time to understand the game better. For PvE which can be termed as the best overall class. 

B. Ranger 

The class can be called an all-rounder. The best attribute of this class is its self-sufficiency. With ranges at hand, you do not have to look around for anything else. From AoE to powers, everything is just amazing. The gameplay is not only smoothed but also effective. If you’re looking for the best class in the game, this one is for you. 

C. Musa

when you call for the best damage control class of the game, this one is for you. Their independent courses are known for their handling proficiency. Do look out for them and grab them to give your gameplay a boost. 

2. A Tier 

The Tier too has song players only next to S Tier. Strong and dependable, you can trust the characters here to take you to the end of the game. Who is included here? Let us have a look:

A. Valkyrie

Weaker than Rangers, do not underestimate the powers of valkyrie. With proficiency but damage, the class is known for its durability. You can easily depend on them from the start to the end of the game. 

B. Nova

Nova is one of the best classes in the A-Tier, with a secure range of damage output and the debuffing technique. She can prove to be the best tank for your team. The full credit goes to her DPS damage which is incredible enough to put her in the Tier. 

C. Maehwa

The class is a heavy investment because of her gear requirement. The players may hesitate in investing so heavily in just one type. However, the brighter side is that the investment is worth it. The ROI can be better than your expectations. The reason is her versatility. She can fit in any condition, and you can depend on her. 

3. B Tier 

The tier is an average one. Better than the C Tier, you can trust them a little. They may not survive independently but can work for you:

A. Witch 

With her great AOE damage the which can be the best class for guild gaming. The type has a combo of support and ten characters that can be a package that can cover the whole field for you. It’s no surprise that the which has a fan following the trust her. 

B. Sorceress 

By their name, you can estimate that they have super magical powers. They also have very great damage that can be very useful in the game. They can help you in clearing out any area in the game of Pve. However, other game modes will not be able to perform well. 

C. Giant 

If you’re looking for the class that has the best CC, the joint is for you. Apart from the CC, the type is also known for its damaging skills. The style does not excel in AOE damage. The reason is their low self-healing ability. . Also, you cannot trust them to play independently without any support. 

4. C Tier 

The worst of all the classes are here. Their cons overwhelmed their pros, and hence you cannot trust them. The types all weekend may not be able to survive. 

A. Warrior 

The class is not too great to talk about. Status, for this reason, comes in C Tier. The type is less active and has almost no skill to applaud. They can only work for you in a one vs one encounter. They can become very frustrating during the game. Try to not include them while gaming. 

B. Hashashin

the class may work in PVE. Because of their damaging skills. However, there is no reason to include them in other modes of the game. The lack of CC and self-healing processes.  However, other than the PvE mode, you cannot trust them in any other game form. 

 Classes In The Black Desert Explained

as stated above, the black desert online game has over 14 categories. We have tried to list them below. Have a look at the table and get an idea about what all types are available in the black desert:

Regular Ascension Awakened Form
Valkyrie PaladinLancer
Ranger HuntressWind walker 
Warrior Gladiator Berserker
Dark Knight Void Knight Phantasma
Sorceress RavenReaper
Giant TitanDestroyer 
Witch ArchmageInvoker
Maehwa PrimroseLotus 
Striker Grandmaster
Musa Blade Master Warlord 
TamerLupaSpirit Walker 

Closing Thoughts 

that will be at about the article. With comparative testing, we have tried to explain every class ranked from S to C Tier. The report was comprehensive research on what type can suit you the best. The article is based on a personal try and test method. Hence we have given you the most authentic and effective information. After reading the article, you cannot remain confused about what class to choose. 

Suppose you have further questions to ask, write to us. We will try to solve all your queries.