How to add jump throw bind in CS:GO | Game Horizons

How to add jump throw bind in CS:GO | Game Horizons

Brief: You want to throw one-click jump grenades? Here’s how to add the CS:GO Hop Throw Bind.

Only a small portion of the players can fit a grenade throw with a jump perfectly. Perfect timing, no lag and a lot of practise are needed for manual execution of this operation.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of making a mistake, even though we practise it every day. It is worth using a bind in order to have a 100 percent successful CS: GO jump throw.

What is Jump-throw CS:GO?

A difficult technique for throwing a nade at CS:GO PS4 is jump-throw. It’s about unlocking the grenade immediately after the hop and tossing it. This is required in difficult areas that are not available with a normal throw to hit a smoke grenade.

(Click the right mouse button if the video does not load and press “Play”)

Good to know: In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the jump-throw technique is not just used for smoking.

Actually, for all grenades, it works perfectly: it helps you to throw nades at very far distances or to flash over high buildings. It’s also used for difficult Molotovs on some maps.

How to incorporate the throw-bind jump?

Configuring the config or autoexec.cfg file by inserting these parameters is the easiest way to add jump throw bind:

"+jumpthrow" alias: "+jump;-attack"
"-jumpthrow" alias "-jump"

Add Csgo Jump Throw to Jump Throw
Opening the console and pasting the following alias commands is another way to set jump throw connect CS:GO in the game:

Alias '+jumpthrow' '+jump;-attack'; alias '-jumpthrow' '-jump'; bind 'v' '+jumpthrow' to '+jumpthrow'

How is the bind used?

1. In order to throw a nade, take a spot.

2. By holding the left mouse button, pin out your grenade.

3. A bind key set in the command is pressed (in our case, v).

Are binds allowed for jump throws?

It’s not illegal to use binds in CS: GO, such as jumpthrow connect. You won’t get banned from using it in most situations, although there are exceptions to the law.

On MM, Faceit or ESEA, is jump throw legal?

Yeah, the jump throw is totally legal-you’re not going to get a suspension for it. It can be used in normal matchmaking and matches (pugs & hubs) on ESEA and Faceit.

Are jump throws permitted on pro torunas?

All does not always depend on the rules of the tournament and its regulations. Some professional player events do not allow a “alias” (a command that connects two functions on a single button) to be used.