What Does Demotion Shield Expiring Mean In League Of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular games across the world. It offers great comfort and smooth play for its users. However, errors may come up. Here too, players have been getting pop-ups like demotion shield expiring. 

The popup has left users confused, not knowing what to do and what it is. The instant fear of losing your demotion Shield will creep in. If you are someone dealing with the same problem, we are here to help you. The article is an in-depth guide about the demotion shield and the reasons behind the pop up of the demotion shield expiring. We will also inform you about how you can fix it. If you want to check how much time you wasted on Legends then make sure to check out our article on Time wasted on lol.

Demotion Shield: Meaning

As the name suggests, a demotion shield is a cover that protects you from demotion in the game. It keeps your ranking intact and prevents you from falling behind. 

Its processing is simple when you cross a deer and enter into another and give your Shield so that if you fail in the starting stages, you can have another chance. For example, if you reach Diamond 4, you will be given a time and shield to prevent you from falling back. 

However, it must be noted that it happens only in the same tier.  It has to be kept in mind that the power is not infinite. It has a certain count. As you enter a new level, you can have your fallback chances at 10 with the shield. And when you rank yourself for the first time in the tear, you have three losses at spare. 

Demotion Explained 

If you are someone you and don’t know what devotion is, let us explain it. Bump in League of Legends works the same as in normal life. It simply means that you use your rank in the same tier or go down to the lower tier as a whole. 

For a player to get demoted and ranked, he may either have finished the game at 0 or have posted MMR too down for the game’s standards. If any one of the two happen you are demoted. 

Demotion Shield Expiring: Meaning 

A lot of players have been receiving messages of demotion shield expiring. Unknown of its meaning, there is often left confused. It, however, only means that the number of your losses are going to exhaust soon. 

Suppose you have a total of three losses given by the commotion field. You’ve already used two of them. You may see the pop up of demotion Shield expiring to warn you. Once you are demoted you will be playing in a class or tier lower. 

The concept of decay

We have already stated above that a low LP may be the reason for demotion from a class. Not if you do not play your game for a long period, you may automatically lose your LP. 

You will continue to lose your LLB until you login back. The messages of demotion Shield expiring will be ignored. If you lose your LP because of the reasons stated above, it will go over the statements. 

The period that you have before the process of losing LP starts is called decay. The number of tiers depends on what tier you stand on. Once the decay period starts, you will continue to lose your LP before it becomes zero. The period depends on individual tiers. If you are currently on the Diamond, you have 28 days to your spare. 

You can easily lose as much as LP in a single day with you have to earn in four games. The stated loss happens in the Diamond tier. 

Are There Exception Classes For Decay 

If you are a diamond challenger and think that you cannot get demoted, you are wrong. Be it a Master Challenger or Grandmaster. All can decay. The process of detail in diamond has been already discussed above in the article. Let’s find out a bit about grandmaster, master and Challenger. 

There is a store Bank in the grandmaster, master and Challenger groups. The game you play will be stocked in the banks until they reach the count of 10. Once you get there, a massive deduction of 250 LP will start to deduct from your account. This will continue to happen unless you try to open another bank account. 

Demotion From Gold, Platinum Tier: Possibility 

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to read gold and Platinum classes. League of Nations accepts and respect the fact. To save you, forgive the Gold and Platinum tiers from decaying, all losing straight games. 

You can be free of all the stress, normalised mode in a gold or Platinum class player. However, there is a catch. There is still a possibility of demotion. This may happen when you as a player lose your MMR all quality of came below the standards. When you continuously lose your LP and MMR, the game has no option but to demote you to a lower level. 

Hence for classes like gold and Platinum, the decaying process cannot start, but you still have the chance of demotion. Has always worked on your skills and try to keep up with the gaming trends.

Closing Thoughts 

That would be it about the demotion shield expiring. By the end of the article, one must be well acquainted with the facts and processes involved in demotion shield passing. 

The article intended to clear the air about the message. We also tried our best to find ways that could help you in fixing it. If you still have further queries to write to us.