(Guide) All Elementalist Lux Combos in LoL

Ultimate skins are real treasures of League Of Legends. Players work hard and upskill to get the ultimate skin. Elementalist Lux Combos is one such ultimate skin. Others available are DJ Sona, Pilsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, etc. You can even upgrade these skins if you want to get them more effective. You can do so by spending extra RPs. these are called Master Edition.

Elementalist skin in League of Legends is the latest edition of the Ultimate skins. The word Elementalist, in theory, means “a tendency to postulate a separation into independent entities or elements of things.” The League Of Legends Elementalist game is the newest edition and one of the unique skins in the game.

What Are Elementalist Lux Combos Skin 

Elementalist skin is, as stated above, the ultimate skin of League of Legends, which was released in 2019. This skin has ten different forms. One of the best attributes about this can is that each of these cans is a stand-out piece. 

You have ten different forms of the same skin, a stand-alone piece, which means that you have ten different skins! This is why the skin has been termed as one of the most popular ones for which fans have been going to Gala about. 

Another feature that adds up to the popularity of the skin is that you can have different combos of the skin. You can have different combos and match them up while you are in the game. 

Path To Evolution Of The Skin 

Element skin in League of Legends works on a system. If you are a newbie and you do not know how to upgrade your skin and involvement with time, we are here to guide you. Elementalist skin in League of Legends has a basic white form with which it starts. 

To upgrade and level the skin with time, you will have to deal with the damage in the League of Legends. As you do with damage, you evolve the skin. This is because when you deal with the deterioration of your enemy, the power of elements of your skin increases. 

With time and hard work, you have to reach her 100% increase in elemental power. Once the goal is achieved, you have four basic forms of elements. From the option of four, you have to choose one. When you repeat the cycle to reach the power of elements again, you get to reset your elemental power. 

Can You Change The Look? 

With the increase in damage during power, you can choose the elemental energies and the basic element. You cannot pick and keep changing all the time. League of Legends gives you the option of changing the basic element twice. 

This directly implies that you get only two choices of skin change. One would be your bare skin, and the other would be the choice of combos. As soon as both of these choices are made, your final elemental look is prepared. You do not have the option of changing your last face again. 

Cost Of Elementalist Lux Combo 

there is a fixed price of all the ultimate skin in the League of Legends. In terms of real money, the cost of an ultimate skin is 30$. When we talk of the in-game currency, the price has been set at 3250 RP. 

At the release of the skin, Riot had also released a master edition. It is worth noting that the addition is no longer entertained by riot. It cost 3950 RP. The master skin is said to have all the powers of all four combos at once. 

Also, when you have zero RPs in your account, you know that the cost will be 35 dollars. This means that this can cost you around 4550 RPs. 

Elementalist Skin Elements 

Now that you know what Elementalist skin for League of Legends is and how much it costs, that is a lot at its four basic elements. One of these four basic elements is to be chosen once you complete her 100% damage dealt. The next element will be selected for the combo. The four basic elements of the elementalists skin are:

  • Nature 
  • Water 
  • Fire 
  • Air 

Elementalist Lux Combos 

Each of the basic elements of the skin can be combined with the other to form a combo. Each combo has a different style and power. In total, there are ten combos in League of Legends. From animation to powers, everything is just amazing. When you choose a Combo for yourself, you have to be careful because there is no going back. Let us have a look :

  • Nature + Air = Dark 
  • Nature +water = Mystic 
  • Nature + Fire = Magma
  • Air+Nature = Dark
  • Air + water = Ice
  • Air + Fire = Storm
  • Water +Nature = Mystic 
  • Water+ Air = Ice 
  • Water +Fire = Dark
  • Fire+ Air = Storm
  • Fire+ water = Dark
  • Fire+ Nature = Magma


Elementalist skin in League of Legends is one of the most amazing features you can witness. Each of the combinations is different and unique in style and animation. The details of the skins are worth noticing. 

Remember that you only have one chance to create a combination for yourself, and then there is no going back. In the line of skin, themes Elementalist can be one of our favourite choices. Do try and get one of your own. 

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