10 Marvelous Female League of Legends Champions

League Of Legends is known for its features and design. The graphics of the game are top-notch. The characters in this gameplay a very crucial role. The influence of these characters is such that they have a huge fan following. Each character is designed unique and every detail is planned. 

One of the best aspects of the game is that it has the element of strong women character in it. We know that this is how things have to be, investing in female characters as well but in League of Legends, the corrective Persona of females has been amplified. The time in investments spent on these female characters is visible on the screen. 

From hundred Plus characters in the game, it is important to have a look at female League of legend characters separately. We have chosen the top ten female characters in the League of Legends. Let us have a detailed view of each of these female characters. 

Best Female League Of Legends Champions

1. Poppy 

When you want to put an order in the list poppy is the first character that comes to mind. The best part about this character is her voice. You will find her telling you that she is not a hero, she just orders with a hammer but it isn’t true. She definitely is a hero. 

If you are looking for an Ally in the game, Poppy is the best. The best part about this character is her heart which is full of love and kindness. She is a blue tank character that has blonde hair tied in pigtails. She is so small in size that you can obviously get fooled about her abilities. 

To your surprise, she is an incredibly strong character that has a great survival instinct. She can take down any of the assassins with just a yodle of her hammer. Health the character is not only strong but also brings positive energy to the game. 

Poppy was said to be the Student Of a Decanian commander. It was him who told her about the hammer and only the true blood can inherit it. There is only later in the game that she finds out that she is the true inheritor of the hammer. 

2. Rek’sai

This dark character has to be on a list. She is often cited as the one black hole that can take in everything that falls in her radius.

Rek’sai is a very frightening character. She has 2 forms: burrowed and unborrowed. Both of these forms are quite different and have different skills. When she is in her Burrowed form she is mostly blind and unconscious about her surroundings but can sense them. She mostly is found in the jungle and in a very suspicious conditions. 

While in her un burrow form she has fur, tail, and can attack and bite. In the Shuriman deserts, there are legends about her. She also has made an Ominous presence around her Aura. She is quick and her movements and rapid while travelling. 

3. Ashe

Do you know that she is League of Legends one of the first characters? She came down as an Archer of the Frost archetype, however, since her Inception the character’s design as the storyline has changed upside down. 

One of the best abilities is to slow down the enemy. She does so with a shower of arrows which may not kill many of them but definitely stop them for a while. Other abilities include quick movements and long-range vision. She is often claimed to be the queen of the united people of Freljord. She is young but acts mature in order to fulfil her goal of uniting the people of Freljord. 

In addition, she has a high late game damage, excellent kiting. She is a powerful character and the seasonal list of the best. 

4. Irelia

She is a mobile Bruiser. She works for the people of Iona. Initially, she dreamt to become a dancer but the war in the country made her choose to be a fighter. 

The choice she made and her dream correlated and built a new style of warfare. Where she dances around to kill the enemy. She can take down any long-range enemy with her blade and at the same time, she will be able to protect herself without difficulty. When she is Furious and at the top of her anger she often makes a war cry and it is very famous. 

She always dreamt to become a dancer and this was because her grandmother taught her dance when she was a child. However because of the circumstances and the atrocities of the King she has to choose to go to the war. In retaliation to the atrocities of the kings, she had cut her arm off. However, today she is one of the greatest characters in The League of Legends. 

5. Illaoi

She is a priestess that will make you regret all the decisions that you made and even beat the soul to death. She was blessed by The Great Kraken. And blessing she got the power to call the out of the world tentacles that will build up around her so that the enemy can never reach her. 

She is a priestess and hence high on her morals and I will make sure that you are on them too. The people were a little setback when they got to know that she has left the temple and to go for her mission of Bridgewater. However, she got to support the people who welcomed her decision. The priest is very high in her morals and definitely beats you up in guessing you do something immoral. 

6. Morgana

If you are looking for a supporting character then Morgana will be the best for you. She has been in the game for a long time as she was released in the year 2009. She was the guardian of dementia and the daughter of the aspect of Justice. Her powers and abilities have made her the most popular character in the game. 

A lot of pro players even use her as their main lead while in the game. To the best of our ability, she is one of the top ten most wanted and loved female characters in The League of Legends. 

7. Zyra

This character is from the initial days of League of Legends as well. She was released in the year 2012. What makes her unique is her inheritance and design. She comes from a family of carnivorous plants. 

Since she comes from a family of plants her costume is designed like a flower. This design is so loved and unique that it has a huge fan base. She comes from a family of flowers that were set to be destroyed but have been reborn. 

8. Fiora

She is a pretty well-known character in the League of Legends. She too was released only in the initial years of 2010 of the League of Legends. She was a Demacian Nobel. The design of a costume is so attractive that it has made head turns. She is also said to be one of the most attractive characters in The League of Legends. 

9. Katarina 

Another assassin to make it to the top 10 list of the league of legend. She too was released only in the initial stages of the game I guess in the year 2009. Noxion noble house of Du Couteau had given their membership to Katrina. 

She is one of the best military commanders you will ever come across. It is because of her ability that she has made it to the top 10 list of League of Legends best female characters. 

10. LeBlanc 

Under the Shadows of Noxus, she had been making her presence in the dark world. She has been into dark magic and the red rose in her home. 

She is the queen and within a blink of an eye, she can perform so many actions that it will get you perplexed. She has quick and fast movements, she can also influence great damage which can be multiplied twice a number. 

This character would love to surprise you and make you speechless. Her warfare style is a little different but effective. 


That was our take on the female characters in League of Legends. The above-said list is our choice and judgement you can have a totally different perspective. We listed what we liked and showcased. Choose your favourite pick from the above

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