Fractured Walls In Path Of Exile: Everything You Need To Know

Grinding Gear Games published Path Of Exile in 2013. Since then, the game has won hearts because of the amazing storyline and graphics.  One of the features of the game is Fractured Wall. The walls seem insignificant, but they can work wonders for you. 

Fractured Walls are based on the Delve system. The system can prove to be rewarding in the highest way possible. If you are looking for a guide to understand and strategize Fractured Walls Poe, your search may just have come to an end. Here, we are with a detailed guide about what Fractured walls in Poe are and how to find them. 

What Are Fractured Walls In Path Of Exile 

Before we jump into how to find the Fractured Walls, let us look at what they are. 

In the game Path of Exile, there are some Dvelve routes. Along these Delve routes, one can find these walls. As the name suggests, the walls are fractured and can be easily blown up. 

Once a player blows up the wall, he is directed to a secret room hidden beneath the wall. These rooms are highly rewarding for the player. The rooms consist of times like money, valuables, fossils, useful tools, etc. The reason stated above is why the Fractured walls of POE are called the most rewarding feature of Path Of Exile. 

Which Nodes To Choose? : Hidden or Shown 

Before getting into the guide to fractured walls, the player should know the difference between the hidden nodes and the running ones. 

A node can have a visible path, whereas a hidden one. When we researched, we found that the possibility of locating a fractured wall on hidden nodes is Compatability higher than the running ones. It can be an exception at times but is true in most situations.

Guide To Locate Fractured Walls

We have a plan despite the popular belief that the player can encounter the Fractured Walls of Path of Exile based on luck. We do not agree with the common opinion. The reason is our close observation behind the science of Fractured Walls. 

There is a sequence by which the walls are placed. If you apply little tactics and planning, you can easily find the wall. 

Given below is a guide to find as many walls as you can during the game. It will help you get the greatest number of rewards. The efforts needed are little, and the return can be victory. Let us find out how:

Locate The Preferred Node

As stated above, the Fractured Walls are hidden. They are particularly hidden around nodes. The nodes are structures that are not on the main routes of the map. They are isolated with no other node around. 

Chose a node that you wish to. We will set the target on the node and work accordingly. 

Understanding Delve Environment Path System 

Before getting into the quest of finding fractured walls, you have to understand the ecosystem of the Delve. How are paths planned in this system? 

Delve is based on a grid system. One node has four ways to reach it. Four routes lead you to a node. Three of these routes can be seen, but one of them is hidden. The area that is not covered by a node will have only one path through it. A space like this acts as an intersection between two nodes. 

Helpful Facts About Nodes 

We found some facts or rules that can help you with the nodes. Keep the points in mind while hunting nodes. 

  • Nodes With two paths: certain nodes have only two paths through them or connect to them. The node can be the tier of the grid. If you encounter a node such as this, you can calculate that you are standing at the top of the grid and hence can locater other nodes easily. 
  • The Dead Node: there is another possibility of finding a node with low connections that can be the dead-end of the grid. One rule to identify this node is that it will have no routes connected to it. The node will be in an isolated position, totally cut off from the grid. 

Choose Your Start 

We are all equipped to find the Fractured Walls of the Path Of Exile with all the necessary facts to know. The next step will be to choose the start point. 

The first step would be to avoid the nodes that can be dead ends. The reason is they are likely to have a hidden route connected, and this route can take you to the Fractured wall! Now put the nodes with two routers connected at the first position of the priority list.

Look Around 

Once you have found a fractured wall, start to look around. Establish the map of four routes connected to the node in your head and start walking to those routes. Avoid going to the courses that have no path that runs towards the node you are standing at. 

If you can, try to find the path that interconnects two nodes. Follow the way, and there is a possibility that you may find a fractured wall. However, if you fail, go back and look again, keeping all the said strategies in mind! 

Note: the corridors too are made up of walls. The player can be confused between the Fractured Walls and the walls of the passage. In such a case, always remember that the Fractured Walls would be closer to you on your path. 

Final Talk 

The best and quickest way to money in Path Of Exile is the Delve System. With the points stated above in mind, you can easily locate fractured walls. With little effort, you can get rewarded big. The guide above will help you in receiving all the rewards that you wish to. 

Path Of Exile is a famous game with competition growing every day. It is important to plan and be ahead of the game. Fractured walls can fetch you victory with little hard work. Keep the guide in mind, and happy gaming!