Grim Dawn Vs Diablo 3: Which One Should You Play?

Grim dawn and Diablo 3 both are action RPG-led games. Gamers often ask which one is better between the two to play. You cannot decide which one is better unless you put hard work to play each of them for a long time. 

We have been playing and testing the games for ages. After close observation of Diablo vs grim Dawn, we drafted a detailed article on how both differ. At the end of the article, we have concluded which one of the two is our choice. Follow the report to the very end to hear our verdict. 

The Difference In Storyline 

Grim Dawn and Diablo 3 both differ in the storyline and characters that they offer majorly. Latest have a look at the stories of Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn separately. 

Diablo 3

The plot of Diablo 3 is a treat for people who love fantasy and Mystery. It involves everything from creepy and haunted places to mysterious creatures like demons. The story starts with Deckard and his niece going to the eerie world to research ancient texts. 

While in the process, the sky starts to fall, and they are trapped. It is then that the protagonist Nephlam arrives at the scene. The story revolves around Nephlam rescuing the niece and stumbling upon the truth of the star, who is a person. Later we see the entry of Diablo and various mystical creators. The biosphere, the characters, and the processes are all like a mysterious and magical book. It has everything from charms to curses. 

The story is filled with adventure and dynamic, giving you a new surprise to enjoy every passing minute. Overall you will enjoy the game. 

Grim Dawn 

The story of Grim Dawn is completely different from Diablo 3. It is about a mysterious world where a fight between two post-apocalyptic world creatures is going on. 

Both of the creatures want to use humanity for personal needs. One of them wants to use the human body for profit, while the other wants to wipe out the human race completely. It is when some researchers accidentally find out about the war, and the story begins. 

The researchers find out that the creatures want to use the human body when there are chances of humanity to remain. This is because after using the human body for whatever gold they want, they will leave. Hence some human bodies may remain. This will give the chance to revive humanity slowly. 

According to us, grim Dawn offers a more engaging storyline than Diablo 3. This is because the story is a little more out of the box. Diablo 3 has a very familiar story. Thinking of an extra Universal body is trying to control humanity is a fascinating subject to explore

Combat Styles Analysis 

When choosing the champion and going for skills-specific combats, Diablo 3 is not different from other APRG games. When you select a winner, that gives you a particular skill to the class to which the champion belongs. 

Now consider that you want to scale up to another champion with a different skill. In such a scenario, you have to start from scratch. This is because you cannot continue the game with a new champion. You have to go back to zero, choose a new champion, and progress in the game with them. The positive side is that you can make your enticing combination of trees, but no one would like to start from scratch again and again in the game. 

There is another area where Grim Dawn beats Diablo 3 by quite a margin. Compared to popular titles such as Path of Exile and Titan Quest, this title’s class system is much more flexible and resembles both the ‘wheel of confusion’ you’ll find in Path of Exile and the crossover tree you’ll find in Titan Quest. 

In Grim Dawn, things are not the same. It is like the normal games where you can choose different combinations of champions and continue from where you are standing right now. 

Both games offer nine different classes, but the qualities and skills that grim Dawn offers are more diverse. When we compare the core capabilities and inactive reserves, the champions of grim Dawn have a higher side. 

The Visualisation 

The graphics and visuals of any gameplay an important role. No one wants to play a game with plain and bland features and visuals. This is one issue with Grim Dawn. From Visuals to effects everything is old school in this game. 

Diablo 3 on the other hand has more engaging and modern features in graphics. The animation and graphics are everything that a modern RPG player would want. Though the content and dynamics of grim Dawn are amazing and never-ending they have not made the game as per modern lines. 

The population of gamers today is mostly teenagers to people in their 20s. This is an era where everything that looks good will sell. Hence grim Dawn Mein disappoints these young players who may find the graphics and visualization pretty plain as compared to modern RPG games. 

What’s The Update? 

Now that we know about the storyline combats and the visuals let us look at the latest news and update regarding both of the games before finalizing a verdict. 

Diablo 3, since its inception, has only one expansion which was called Reaper of Souls. Though the game has performed well and is still very much loved, the developers may need to update the content. Unlike grim Dawn, where the developers have worked very much on the range and have made it undying, Diablo 3 may die out soon. 

Diablo 3 is very much expected to launch its single-player mode and some other content to add. When we talk of grim dawn, the story is the opposite. 

The rich content that the developers have always worked hard to update is very applaudable. The expansions of grim Dawn have a new story every time. It shows how much time and pain the developers go through to make such updates. 

Where Diablo 3 needs to work on its content, Grim Dawn has aced it. 

The Final Verdict 

It may look like Diablo 3 is on the downside compared to the ground on, but it isn’t. Anyone reading the block must understand that to recommend Diablo 3 because of its implacable visuals and modern lined graphics. 

Grim Dawn has fascinating content and a unique storyline, but it lacks when it comes to gaming in the modern V with the contemporary visuals. Everything hides behind its bland graphics. What is the purpose of a great show when the audience can’t see it? 

Hence all-in-all, we recommend Diablo 3. Any player reading the article must play the game at least once. The graphics features and the story that the Bible offers are worth giving a shot. 

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