What Is The Highest Level In League Of Legends?

League of Legends is no doubt the most loved Gatcha A-RPG game. With more and more players teaching the game, competition has been growing in this eSport. Every detail of the game is crucial for you to decide your future tactic and planning. We are often asked what the highest level in LOL is. The answer to the question depends on a factor. What Level are you talking about? Is it the level of games or the level of rankings?

Since we do not know what level you are asking for, we will be covering both of them. This is because stating the level of the accounts is just some numbers, but when you talk of the rankings, we need to dive deep. The levels will give you a lovely surprise that you may not have expected! Read the article to the end to know the gamers who have the highest levels in the league of legends worldwide.

Understanding The Basics Of Highest Level In LOL

While playing the game, players do not remain at one place or restart from the same level. As they proceed in the tournament, they level up. Leveling is an in-game progression that the players go through to achieve more and grade up. Leveling up will automatically bring more rewards and benefits for the player.

It will also add badges in front of the player’s name, getting him more name and fame in the gaming community. As said above, leveling is of two types- Leveling of the account and leveling of the champions. Among the two, the former is tougher. It is easy to level up the winners compared to the player’s process to level up the account. 

Until the year 2018, levels had a limit of 30. That means you cannot go beyond a 30 level account. This limit was removed by Riot as they considered the cap as a limit to the skills of the players and for the growth of its own company. Since then, the rat race to win more and more levels has been going on. Players have been fighting to out-throw each other and gain the highest level. 

What Is The Highest Level In LOL

Riot removed the cap in the League Of Legends account in the year 2018. Earlier it was 30. The maximum that one can reach in a league of legends until 2018 was 30. It is not the case now. Today there is no highest level, and if there is, it is not known. The highest level known today is 2500. Yes, you heard it right! 2500! You can imagine how much love the game has got. People play the game all the time. Imagine how much time and investment the game must have gotten from the players to reach 2500. On the darker side, it also means that the players are addicted to the game.

It is also to be noted that the higher level is not an indicator of how skilled a player is. However, the skills of the players must have improved during the process as it is a long journey.

The Highest Rank Level In League Of Legends

Now comes the tough part: deciding players’ skills which is the highest rank level in the league of legends. Rank is the actual indicator of how skilled and good a player you are. It is the stat that is used to compare when deciding the competition of the game. Account-level indicates how much time you have invested in the game, while rank determines how much you have done well in the game. It shows how much better you are than the players.

Consider the following situation- you earn a degree, it indicates that you are now capable of joining the workforce. However, it is only when you test yourself in the professional field that you come to know how good you are at your work. Like you climb the ladders of your professionalism with mastering your job, you climb the ladder of your achievements by increasing ranks in the League Of Legends.

The league of legends consists of different tiers. You have to conquer these different tiers to level up to the higher ranks. The broad categories of stories are:

  • Challenger
  • Grandmaster
  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron

To reach the titles of Grandmaster or the Challenger, you need to have the best of the skills and the in-game experiences. This can only be achieved by dedicating a lot of time and effort to the game. Professional players have mastered their skills only by testing themselves more and more in the game.

To find out how good a player you are, you need to work hard and test yourself in the game. Earn the titles mentioned above, and you will be renowned amongst your friends, gaming community, and opponents. Players at higher account levels often underperform compared to the players lower in the game. The reason is simple. A higher account level is not an indicator of your worth. However, when you have a title stated above with your name, you can surely call yourself one of the bests.

How Can You Level Up Faster In LOL

Many players use unfair practices to increase their levels quickly. These include logging in with different accounts to create smurfs. They try to reach level 30 as soon as possible because it becomes a little easier after that. After all, by now, you have the experience of the game.

Also, make sure you keep boosting your XP in the game. It will require a lot of effort as it is not possible without winning. Try to win as many games as possible to boost your XP. You can do that most effectively by prioritizing the first win of the day. It will make sure that you have an XP boost in the long run of the game.

Also, do not think of winning or losing but of getting the best XP for your game as a constant source. Team up with friends who have excellent skills and share the same goal as you. It will ensure that your team will cheer you up and remind you of the plan even if you lose hope. 

Another way can be to play against the bots. They are easier to fight with and will take less of your time and effort while yielding more results.

Players With Highest Rank In LOL

This question must have been in your head while reading the article. Like who are the players who can achieve this much. You must be looking for inspiration, right? The player with the highest rank title is Nolife Fynn. He reached the 2500  level, which made the world realize that there is a level as high as 2500. Players with other high levels are:

  • Iyx- 1398
  • Outlaw Woman- 1222
  • IPMagzine- 1097
  • Toucan Celsete- 2322

Closing Thoughts

We hope that by now, you must have the idea of the highest level in the league of legends, both as the account level or the ranking. Both of them are quite different situations, and we tried to cover both of them. Work on the level of your hierarchy. That is where the real worth, name, and benefits lie. Become a Pro Player, work hard, and go for it!

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