How To Change Your Name In League Of Legends

League Of Legends is a multiplayer combat game. It was released by Riot in 2009. Popularly the game is called in its abbreviations- ‘lol’. League of legends is said to be the giant of all esports. People are crazy for league of legends skins and play thousand of hours just to level up the honor in lol.

As soon as you start to play League Of Legends, you are supposed to choose two names. One of them is the user name, while the other is the Summoner name. Are you wondering how to change your name in the league of legends for free? Follow us to the end of the article to find out.

What Is The Difference Between UserName And Summoner Name

Now for those who haven’t played League of Legends must be wondering. The difference between the username and summoner name is hard to guess. To put it in simple words-

Username is the name that appears to the audience or your official name for the game. Summoner name is what that your teammates or opponents see in the field. Username and summoner name both have to be decided once you create an account for lol. While the username has the flexibility to change as wished, the summoner name is less flexible.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Name In League Of Legends

Since the username and the summoner name are decided at the start of the journey, you may not have picked the latest trends. Hence, later in the game, you may feel the need to change the names. It is when the question of how to change your name in the league of legends for free erupts.

The other reason can be the recent actions by RIOT.  The recent developments on Riots were that the usernames and summoner names have been unlinked on Lol. An email may have been sent to you by the team RIOT informing you of the effects. 

You may have been asked to change the username. You can easily update the username via the official LOL website. The summoner name, however, remains unaffected.

How To Change Your Name In League Of Legends

There are ways to change the summoner name for free. However, if you have enough in-game currency and want immediate effect, we will guide you. The amount that you need to give its effect is 1300 RP. How to change the name? Follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the League of the legends login page.
  • Type your username and password to log in.
  • On the header tab, locate the store. Coin stacks represent it.
  • In the Store, go to the Account.
  • You are reverted to your account. Here you find the “Summoner Name Change” option.
  • As you click on that option, you will be allowed to change the name in exchange for 1300 RP.

How To Change Your Name In League Of Legends For Free

Not everyone has the privilege of spending 1300RP on the name change. If you are wondering how to change your name in the league of legends for free? We have the right solutions for you. With research and close observance, we have two effective solutions to the issue. 

With the methods given below, you can easily change the name for free:

If Username And Summoner Name Are Same

If by any chance, you have the username same as the summoner name, you are lucky. It is because now you have the option of changing the summoner name for free.

You can perform this task for free because Riot does not appreciate the same user and summoner names. 

Similar username and summoner name can be a threat to the security and put the game to risk. It is for this reason that you get the chance to change your name for free. All you need to do is to write to Riot seeking assistance in a name change.

The email can have the subject line to be: Change Name. You can write the body as:

“ This email is about initiating my summoner name change. The reason for the change is my same username and summoner name. To save my system and game from risks, I would appreciate it if you could assist me in a name change. Thank you.”

Special Addition

A special trick is hacked to change the name even when no security issues are involved. This method, too, is free of cost. Confused? Let us make it simple. You can try these simple tricks to upgrade your summoner names in Lol:

  1. Spaces: unlike username, summoner name is allowed to have spaces. It is for this reason that you can easily add spaces to the name to change it. Given below are some examples:
  • NightRider = Night Rider.
  • ThunderCloud= Thunder Cloud.
  1. Special Characters: It is one other great trick to change the summoner name. It involves the addition of special characters to the names to change them. It will not only change the name but q\also add some spice to them. For example:
  • JackHoomes = Jack@Home
  • WithTrend = #with@trend.

For these changes to take place, you have to get them approved by Riot. To do so, you can write the Riot support email. The email can have the subject to be: a name change. You can review the following example:

“ Hey, this is about a name change request. I have added a few characters ( or spaces) to the name. I would appreciate it if you may approve of the changes. Thank you.”

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Final talk 

Many of the players look for ways to change your name in the league of legends for free? The article dealt with every possible solution to the question. The methods given above are tried and tested. Trusted lines have been used to source the answers that are 100% effective. In case you still face issues, do write to us. We will try to help you with every possible solution.