How To Get Blue Essence Fast In League of Legends

League of Legends is a very competitive game. The game has proved its Legacy for ages, and new players are added to it every day. With old and new players, every single detail to improve is crucial. We recently talked about how to get gemstone and in this post, we’re going to talk about How to get blue essence fast.

When you are in a game where everyone else is trying to do their best to prove themselves, you have to think of a way ahead—Blue Essence as an important integral part of the game. If you are struggling with gathering blue essence in your pocket, this article is for you.

 Not everyone may have the right money to buy blue essence in the game or any tactics you can use to get as much as you can. In this blog given below, we will inform you about the points to keep in mind to get more blue essence in your pocket. 

What Is Blue Essence 

In the League of Legends, there are many in-game currencies. These currencies serve different purposes in the game. From buying the winner card to buying skins, you are dependent on these currencies for your various needs. 

Blue essence is the Central currency in the League of Legends. They are like the influential points of blue as that is one of the basic needs to survive in the game. There are two types of currencies in the game. One which can be bought and the other which has to be earned in the game. 

Riot Points are one example of the currencies that can be brought in League of Legends. Blue essence is the currency that cannot be bought. You have to earn it, and hence we are here to tell you how you can have this in your pocket very easily. 

Uses Of Blue Essence 

Blue Essence has a whole lot of usage. Some of the uses of Blue Essence in the game involve:

  • In Hextech Crafting, you have to use Blue Essence when you need to unlock your favorite champion in the champion masteries. 
  • You know the importance of Rune pages. They can be what in the game with the help of Blue Essence. 
  • You can easily alter your IGN with the help of Blue Essence and save your real-time currency or RPs. 
  • Now and then, Riot organizes Chroma sales in the store. Blue essence can be used in such deals. 
  • Essence Emporium has a lot of unique items, and you can get them with the help of this currency. 
  • During the progress of the game, Champions need to be bought and sold. You have to create a team that is the best. To permanently unlock a champion, you have to spend some Blue Essence. 
  • You can even set an upgrade action in your mastery with the help of this currency. 

Best Methods To Get Blue Essence 

There are some effective ways to keep in mind if you look for extra blue essence in your pocket. Keep in mind that these days only will help you to a certain point and rest you have to earn them in the game. The best methods to get blue essence in League of Legends is:

First Win Of The Day 

Every 20 hours League of legendary sets itself to a game. It is called the first woman of the day. It may sound like a small number but consider the following situation. Suppose you play this match and get through the first when you have 50 Blue Essence in your pocket. Imagine that you play consecutively for seven days or a week. 50 blue essence adds up to 350 Blue Essence. This is a pretty decent amount with a little effort. 

Champion Capsules 

This method can be called one of the easiest ways to get blue essence in League of Legends. You must be aware that with every upgrade in the game, you get a champion capsule. In this capsule, you can easily get a champion that can be disenchanted for about 90-1560 Blue Essence. All you need to do is to upgrade yourself to win a champion capsule. 

Event Tokens

Event tokens are a great resource together with Blue Essence. You get even tokens very easily during the game, and all you need to do is collect them in a collection. One event token can yield up to 10 blue essences. Now consider a situation where you have got an event pass equal to around 200 tokens and hence 2000 blue essence. 

Hextech Chests 

There is a simple relation between the chest and Blue Essence. This is simply because the compartment has a one-fourth chance of opening up as a champion. You are well versed with that champion and can be disenchanted to yield Blue Essence. According to our calculations, you have a chance of winning around 4800 Blue Essence. 

League Of Legends Missions 

After a certain period, League of Legends organizes certain events in the game. These machines are very crucial to when cert in rewards like Blue Essence. If you get lucky, you can bag a blue essence amount of 6300 with the help of these missions. We must also inform you that it is not compulsory that you can get blue essence through these events. However, you can always try. 

Honor Capsules 

Every time you hit a milestone in Honor Level, you get an honor capsule as a reward. It must be noted that there are three upgrades for milestones in the whole game, and you may get 12 honor capsules in total. These capsules can contain objects like emotes. You can always distant things like this and get those Blue Essence in your pocket. 

 XP Boost 

This is one of the fastest ways to get Blue Essence. All you need to do to get XP is boost yourself and play Aram games as much as possible. With each boost, you can get blue essence very easily from the Aram game. What it will do is to Boost Your XP, and we’ll get you upgrades much faster. Any return is you can always hit a milestone very easily to get Blue Essence. 

Blue Essence And Leveling 

At each level of League of Legends, you get a certain amount of Blue Essence as a total. We can calculate this by the distribution of the champion capsule as you know that after crossing the summoners level, you are given a champion Capsule for every level 1-5.

These champion capsules are vividly scattered around the map, and you can find them anywhere. It will never be easy to hunt them down but will not disappoint you as well. You can get as much as 5040 blue essences. A pretty decent amount, right? 

Age of this level may contain a special reward that has an extra blue essence. When you count them in total, there are 40000 Blue Essence in the game of League of Legends.

Closing Thoughts 

That was our take on how to get blue essence faster in League Of Legends. We try to cover every aspect of the topic, from what Blue Essence is to its needs. It is one of the most important currencies that you will need in the game. It is not easy to earn blue essence, but you will find it easier with the help of these outlines that we pointed out. Use the knowledge given above and try it in the game.

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