How To Get Path Of Exile Free Cosmetics

Path Of Exile has been growing leaps and bounds since its inception in 2013. The free-to-play multiplayer game has been one of the top-notch games by Grinding Gear Games. It is available for all android, iOS, PlayStation, etc. 

Path Of Exile Cosmetics has a separate fan base in the gaming industry. They are more expensive than the general rates in the common games of the industry. The reason for them being expensive is because they live off the whales. The path of exile micro stations is a huge burden on the pocket. 

The question that generally erupts in the situation is if you can get a path of exile cosmetics for free. For something that is so expensive it may not be in the scope of imagination that you can get it for free. However, we wish to differ and tell you that there are ways where you can get Path Of Exile cosmetics for free. Recently we also talked about how to get gemstones and free skins in Path of Exile. So make sure to check it out.

How To Get Path Of Exile Cosmetics For Free 

With close research and analysis, we found the following ways with which you can get path of exile cosmetics for free:

Race Cards 

The path of exile organizes certain races every now and then. To win these races you need to have a lot of skill and willpower. It will not be easy for you to win them. However, if you have the proper skill set it is not impossible. After winning the races you get racecards. They may fetch you certain Path Of Exile cosmetics for free. However, it must be kept in mind that the races offer you cosmetics that may not be much attractive. But as said, a little bread is better than nothing. 

Leagues And PVP Events 

It is the most obvious way to get free cosmetics in the path of exile. GGG organizes events big or small and missions every day. You can collect coins in these everyday missions or you can win these big events. Both of the techniques will get you some of the splendid cosmetics in the Path Of exile. If you win the top-notch PVP events you can even get the Talisman Of The Victor. 

Twitch Prime

GGG recently collaborated with that to get the players to opt for prime membership. In order to do so, you need to give some incentive to the players. The incentive offered was three absolute free cosmetics of the Path Of Exile. A question may arise in your mind that a prime membership is more expensive than how I actually have these cosmetics free? Well, it is a well-known fact that Prime membership gets a 30-day free trial. You can easily enjoy 30 days for free. 

The three cosmetics that you get for free with Prime membership are:

  1. a weapon effect. 
  2. A purple flaming Skull. 
  3. A divine sign mtrx. 

Way to get twitch Prime membership cosmetics

The following steps will guide you to get the free cosmetics via twitch Prime membership:

  • login to your path of exile client account. 
  • First, go to twitch TV and sign up for the prime membership first 30-day free trial. 
  • There will be an option in your path of exile account to link it with twitch TV. Do the same. 
  • In twitch, Prime navigate to the loot tab. Locate the claim button and click on it. 
  • You will automatically redeem the three cosmetics and the offer. 
  • Go to the path of exile client and log into your game. You will find that you have the three cosmetics for free. 

Closing Thoughts 

It is not tough to conclude that PVP events League and races will be tougher. They involve the player to show their skill set and grind in the game to redeem the prize. It is a hard and time-consuming task. 

However, if you directly go for the first 30 days of twitch Prime membership, you will get the three cosmetics for free. It is an easy, intelligent, and secretive trick to use. The best part of this list is that the twitch Prime cosmetic list is updated now and then. You can always keep track of the items you get in the loot and hit on them when you find the desired one. 

These are some of the easy and viable ways to get a path of exile-free cosmetics. They are not illegal and have some intelligent ways to get the most out of the game. Do you use the tricks mentioned above and revert us about your experiences.

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