How To Get S Rank In League Of Legends

League Of Legends follows a ranking system just like other Gatcha games. The ranking of the players and the champions is very important. It is the true indicator of the skills and mastery of the player. The hierarchy in League Of Legends is divided into tiers from D to S. Needles to point out that S is the highest rank in the game.“How to get S rank in League Of Legends?” is a common question.

League of Legends is a competitive game. The players have to compete hard to beat the other out. Every day is a task to get better, and Riot gives you a chance by its ranking system. Grind and get to the top players in the game. It will be something to brag about, and how cool will the S rank look on your profile! Getting to the S rank requires a lot of hard work.

Some of the players struggle with the ranking system in the league of legends. They are great players but do not have direction on how to improve their ranking. To help these players out, we decided to list down how you can get how to get S rank in League Of Legends. Let us find out.

How To Get S Rank In League Of Legends

The basic logic will be to be consistent with your game and to work on upskilling. However, what is the specifics that one should have in mind while working to improve rank? There are large misconceptions like increasing kills and bringing down deaths will do the job. However, it is not the case! If the myths given above had worked, it would have been unrealistic.

The game does not come with pre-defined guidelines to fuel climbing up the ladder of ranking. It is only on personal experiences and observance that we can point a few things out. The points mentioned below are generalistic but effective. Follow them to jump up on ranks very easily.

The Ranking System In League Of Legends

have you ever asked yourself why Riot introduced the ranking system in League of Legends? When batch 5.6 came out, and champion mastery was taught, it came along with the ranking system for League of Legends. These champion mastery was very rare but was given to the players for free at release. Now, what is the champion mastery? 

Champion Mastery 

Champion masteries are provided in level 0 to level 7 of League of Legends. They contribute a lot when considering ranking S in the League of Legends. By playing in the game, your champion will have different mastery scores. More points in the champion mastery system also indicate your better ranking. 

AI Games And Mastery System

It is often asked If you can get a mastery score by AI Games. Riot points out that matches will not have mastery scores to save the game from reusing and abuse. Games use default systems, and hence it will become very easy for you to score mastery. Therefore to save the game, Riot made it clear that Mastery scores would not be included. 

Ways To Rank Higher In League Of Legends

We cannot say that these ways are the conditions through which League of Legends decides ranking. However, the methods can be the best possible support systems that will help you in the process:

Kill Percentage

Kill percentage is your participation in the number of kills you made from the total kills of your team. Okay, let me break it into simpler words: Your team had a total of 10 kills. In this, you made 2 of them; then your kill percentage is 20%. It is often represented as 20%KP. Here, KP stands for kill percentage.

The statistics of KP play a very important role in the game. It influences the player’s overall ranking as KP is a strong indicator of the player’s skills. It also represents what a player is contributing to the team and the game. Hence, try improving your Kill Percentage in the League Of Legends to improve your ranking.

Vision Score

Wards are another great help along with the game. You may not know of their importance. A lot of players overlook the importance of wards in the game. If you want to get to the S rank, you have to understand the Wards of the League of Legends. They protect you in situations of danger and support you by appearing in case of rage. It will lower your damage and the death rate of your character. There are different wards in the game, which are apt for various roles. Here is a graph for your understanding:

Total Damage

Another important stat should be worked on while trying to level up to the S level. To focus on the damage dealt in the game will work wonders for you. The damage dealt by the player will be based on how long the game is, the champion you chose, and the skills the player has. The overall structure is fair enough, echoing the fact that damage should have been considered while looking at the increase in the level of the player.

Creep Score

The players often neglect creep score; reasons are unknown. However, let us inform you that it is also an important factor that will decide your ranking according to us. A creep score is needed in assistance to the kill percentage to make an effective team. Please keep practising and start to clear the waves of minions to improve CS.

Objective Control

Securing Rift Heralds, Scuttle Crabs, Drakes, and Baron Nashor, along with the potential to destroy turrets as a whole, make the Objective Control.  To work on your objective control, you have to work as much as you can on these objectives, and it will also help you in your contribution. If you work properly, you can even contribute better than your teammates. To get to the S rank, you have to make sure to win. It will give you a greater enemy Nexus which will convert to the grading system increase.

The Importance Of S Rank And Why Is It Difficult To Get S Rank In LOL

It all boils down to how is S rank in the game? What will you get in return if you get an S rank? Why are you working this hard? Here is everything that you need to know. 

Getting mastery tokens and upgrading the level is one of the factors that you will consider when thinking of the rewards. Extract chests and unique mastery players are some of the tempting tips that you can unlock if you Bang The S rank. 

Why Is It Tough?

Needless to say that if you want good things in life, you have to work hard. Similarly, to get an S rank which is the best of all, you have to work hard, and that is why Riot has made it tough if it becomes easy, then everyone will have it. Only the toughness makes sure that healthy competition is availed in the game. 

When things are tough, you work hard to achieve them and hence get greater results—performing as rank is tough but not impossible if you have the right strategy in mind. 

The Final Words 

that was our full-fledged take on how to get S rank in League of Legends. We try to indicate the importance of s rank the rewards you get in the ways that can help you achieve them. We hope that the article was of any help to you knowledge has given Above and apply it to the game. Real show that the points will help you in achieving S rank. 

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