Guide: How To Level Up Honor LoL

League Of Legends is an online multiplayer game, very popular across the world. Riot Games publish the Game. The game is Free for its users. It draws its revenue through Character customization. The game has over 140+ characters to choose from.

Two teams combat against each other throughout the game. Each unit comprises five characters each. The player has to keep discarding the useless characters and adding the strong ones to win the game.  The game is often called the largest esport in the world.

A particular feature introduced in the year 2012 is what this article is about. The part is called Honor Level. If you do not understand what Honor level is in Pubg or wonder how to level up Honor in LOL, this article is for you. 

What Is Honor System In LOL?

For players who are honest in their gameplay and contribute positively to the game. A simple and skilful player must be rewarded, right? This is what Riot thought when it launched the Honor Level System. This system, introduced in 2012, was developed to reward the influential players in the game. (check out our guide on free League of Legends skins to learn more about them).

There are, in total, five Honor levels in the game. When a season starts, you are put to preset at Level 2 despite your level number in the previous season. To make progressions in Honor level, you are supposed to play match-made games and receive as many honours as you can. What are the criteria for winning Honors? There are three. All of them are listed below:

1. Stayed Cool

Gaming can have ‘Heat Of The Moment’ mishaps too. It is not surprising for players to take an aggressive tone during the game. Staying cool is not an easy task. To reward these cool and chill players, Riot came up with the Honor system. Hence, a player who stays cool and tempered during the game is awarded; this is one criterion.

2. GG<3

The given criterion means Team Player. One who remains friendly to others and knows how to take the team with them. Riot rewards such team players.

3. Great Shotcalling

One who has Leadership qualities. A leader can make strategies and plots standing ahead of the team. The Leader makes strategies thinking of all the players and not just himself. He is rewarded in the Honor System.

What Rewards Makes Honor System Offer?

To move forward in the game, one must understand why he is doing so? What will he get by performing such acts? Likewise, why strive for Level Up in Honor system in LOL? There are rewards. A great prize package incentivizes you in the game. These are:

1. Mastery Chests:

you can earn a mastery chest on any of the five levels of Honor. Though they come under the Champion Mastery, you can get them through the Honor system.

2. Honor Capsule:

Honor capsules are loaded with emotes. Shards, key fragments, VIP skins, etc. You can seek them only after reaching level 3.

3. Key Fragments:

You can expect to win at most 12 Fragment keys in a month. The key comes in handy during Hextech Crafting. 

4. Honor Orb:

you can get an Honor Orb only from level 3 onwards. The Orb is said to contain Key fragments that are used in Hextech Crafting and Shards. 

5. Loading Screen Flair:

The flair too can be expected after level 3. To win a Loading Screen Flair, the player needs two premade teammates to give him an honor each and one from a Non-premade team player.

Level and Reward 

Let us look at the chronology of the rewards as per the level:

  • Level 1- a fragmented Key. 
  • Level 2- a fragmented key. 
  • Level 2 checkpoints: two fragmented keys. 
  • Level 3 – one capsule 
  • Level 3 checkpoint –  an Orb of honor. 
  • Level 4- one capsule of Honor. 
  • Level 4 checkpoint – an Orb of Honor. 
  • Level 5 – an Honor capsule. 
  • Level 5 pro- an honor orb. 

Ways To Level Up In Honor LoL

When you strive to achieve something, you should always have a plan. You cannot just go out there following the guidelines to win. You have to think out of the league. Only skills are not getting you anywhere in this world of competition.

Now, how to level up Honor, LOL? It follows the same processing; you have to plan your blueprint to win. You cannot be just cool in the game to win the rewards or show leadership qualities. To get through these checkpoints, you must know of ways to make your work easier.

Are you confused about how to? We are here at your rescue. We have brainstormed two methods through which you can easily level up honor LOL. the methods will get you all the four rewards that level up in honor lol offers. Read the section below to get the best out of the prizes:

1. Trading

The quickest and the easiest way to get the Honor points and win the rewards offered by League Of Legends. Suppose that you and your teammates honor yourselves every time a game ends. It can be your one constant source to get the honor points. Do remember a little is better than nothing, and little things join together to make up the sea.

We must warn you that Riot can block you if found guilty. The practices are indirectly cheating on the game. They invert the whole purpose of the game. Nothing is easy to get, and the same applies to the Honor points.

2. Be An Influencer

It is the most effective and viable method to win the Honor points. The technique is to be the influencer that Riot wants you to be. Contribute to the game positively. Be calm, show leadership, and be a team player. Nack those three criteria right on your neck and win the rewards. It is this way that you can win the Honor points righteously.  Te methods are this method that is the best answer to how to level up honor, lol. 

Final Talk 

No advantage is greater than skills. To win the honor awards righteously, you have to showcase your skillset Excel on all three criteria. Levelling of a nominal all can be an added advantage for you and get you closer to victory. Cancel playing again. Keep the points given above in the article in mind. Do not forget to showcase the best of your skills and abilities.