How To See Your League Of Legends Replays

League of Legends is a thriving game. It is a major contributor to the ESports industry. With the rise of the esports industry and the League player count grew, there has been a growing corner of streamers. Many content creators have been streaming their games online, which has gained a lot of popularity. 

There has been a huge burst in the fanbase of the online streamers. Many gamers have streamed league of legend replays. Many Aspiring gamers often view these streams online on Twitter or YouTube as a source of inspiration and learning. You want to save your matches for memories, learning, or to stream online. 

You may also want to look at the League of Legends replay to share it with your friends as memories or to share any moment. You can be playing solo, or dual games solo and flex queue; there can be many features that you may wish to have a look at again later. If you wonder how to have a League of Legends replay, we are here with a guide. We will inform you of all the ways through which you can have a saved file for the replay. 

How To Replay League of Legends 

To repay your look at the legend, you first have to download them. Hence the first step towards the lead of legendary play would be to find out how to download them and where you will find them. Here are the following ways by which you can download the League of Legend game:

Post Game Lobby :

 The easiest way to download a League of Legends game would be to do it from the post-game lobby directly. 

Client History : 

The second method will be too easily downloaded from the client. All you need to do is to go to the free download history of your games and then click on the one you wish to replay. As mentioned in the above step, you can easily download it from the lobby. 


This is another method to download League of Legends games for replay. If you are online streaming, it is easier for you to replay the League of Legends game. Many profitable businesses are thriving on the name of League of Legends by simply online streaming. All you need to do is to download the game and stream it on any of the platforms like OB studio or twitch. Later you can watch any of your streaming videos any number of times you want. 

Screen Recording :

Screen recording is another easy and viable method to replay League of Legend games on your system. All you need to do is to download software that helps see you record the screen. One such software is  Nvidia GeForce Experience. This application has gained name and fame and is very trustable when it comes to operations like screen recording. You can easily record your game and view it anytime on your system. 

Video Alteration Application

Video editing applications are normal these days. These video applications can be used to create a second saved copy of the gaming video. You can easily view and share this video anytime you wish for and have a League of Legends replay. 

Locating Saved Replays 

Now that you have downloaded the file, you can have issues locating the saved replay. Many of The Gamers can’t find the same, and hence we decided to help you out. Your saved replays would be :

  1. You can either directly view the download section of the device. 
  2. .ROFL files on your system, and you have to go through the menu to find them out. You can also change the settings of your downloads from the system. Follow the steps below to find the same:
    • find the cog icon and click it. If not, then they will be saved as .ROFL 
    • On the left-hand side, you will find a replays option. Click on the same to move forward. 
    • In this section, you have to find the default folder. In the default folder, you will discover replace and highlights both. 
    • This is where your replies are saved. You can later move this file to a place where it can be easily found. 

Why Can’t I Open League Of Legends Replays? 

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that replays are saved only for 20 watches. Hence you cannot view them after the 20th time. At times gamers often witnessed the issue where they could not open the replay in the download section. This can be one of the reasons for you not being able to watch a replay. 

The above two reasons are the most common ones when it comes to not being able to watch replays. Other reasons can include that the file has not been downloaded properly. You have to download it again as a new file. 

Way To Watch Replays From Other Servers 

Do you know that you can watch replays of others as well? However, to do so, you have to be on their server. If you have to watch a replay of someone who uses another server, there are two ways to do so:

  • LeagueOfGraphs: with the help of this website, you can watch replays from any server across the world. You can even try to record the game for a future replay. 
  • If you have a different email address, you can make a new website from the server you wish to see the game from. However, this method is annoying and may take a lot of time. 

Highlights: Meaning And Ways To Record Them 

If you want to record a small game snippet for future replay, it is called the highlight. You can simply watch them in your profile on the client. They are saved under the name of highlights. 

To record and save a highlight, you have to go to the replay section on the client. In this section, you will locate the moment in the game which you wish to say as a highlight. Record and save the same, and your job is done. 

Video Quality Settings 

A lot of players may need a high-quality video to have the best from the game. The default setting of the league of legend video recorder is 720 p. However, this must not be considered fixed. You can easily navigate to the ingame settings and change the same. You can either increase it or decrease it as per your needs. 


That was our take on League of Legends Replays. The article covered aspects such as how to record and replay a game and also where to find it on the device. Use the information above and enjoy your replays! 

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