Lol Clubs Ultimate Guide: League Club Tag Requirements

The gaming community is large and thriving. Every game has a community that works and promotes the culture. League of Legends clubs is one such community. Riot is a company that supports the gaming community of its league on a large scale. 

For those times when you wanted to track down that player who saved your in-game life or if you needed to get into an ugly exchange with last game’s one trick jungler.  

These communities have a large role in the game. With competition and gaming as their core structure, they work on focused gameplay. These communities have profiles of different gamers who have a lot of following. They also have friends; you can check on their profile through the League of Legends clubs. 

Suppose you are looking for a little insight into the game, the article is for you. We are drafting the article about comprehensive details of the League of Legends clubs and how these clubs work, League clubs’ tag requirements, and other details.

What is League of Legends clubs? 

League of Legends clubs are platforms on social media where the gamers and the game clients interact. Consider social platforms like Facebook, where group chats of 40 people take place. This is a League of Legends club. 

Riot created this platform, considering the thriving community culture of the game. You do not have to inbox people; you can directly chat with them in a group. The limit of people entering such League of legend groups has been set to 50. 

The club involves showing your profile in the chats, which consist of the badges of the club you belong to. It is a cool and fun feature to experience. 

Different Roles In The League Of Legends Clubs 

The league of legend clubs has a definite structure. There will be three kinds of members in the club. Each role has a different job. These categories are:

1. The Club Owner 

The member who created the club is the club owner. He has the authority of ownership. As the owner, he has different powers. He can promote or demote a member. He also has the capability power of adding new members and removing others. You can send, receive and post daily messages and updates of the game in the club. 

2. The Club Officer 

They are the discipline in charge of the club, just as we have in our school classes. They do not have many powers but certain responsibilities. By capabilities, we meant that they do not have the authority to kick out or admit any other member like the owner. However, they can send reminders to players or act as messengers. They also can set up inspiration messages for the group. 

3. The Club Members 

Now comes the most important aspect of the club, the members. Like, what a country is without its people, what is a club without its members? I guess nothing but a blank group chat. Club members have some responsibilities and powers for the group. If someone helps the group grow, a club member can send an invite to join the club. However, you still need the approval of the owner before being admitted to the group. 

How To Do Club Management 

While it looks like that the club management would be easy with the three and anarchies is given above, it isn’t. To manage a chat room with a big smile like 50 is a job. There can come situations in front of the owner that would get him irritated. 

To help you in the club management system, we have a little guide. Do take tips and apply them to the club you have:

1. Promoting And Demoting

You are the owner of the club. You have certain powers, and that is given to you because of a reason. To manage a certain body, there have to be some ground rules. Those who follow them and even outperform them should always be appreciated. At the same time, those who make mistakes that harm the group should be punished. That is why as the owner, you have the right to demote or promote any member. 

2. Transfer Of The Ownership Right 

The reasons could be many, but the problem can surely happen. There can come up situations where you do not want to be the club owner anymore. To rectify the case, you have the option of transferring the ownership to another member. All you need to do is click on the three dots on the member’s profile to share your own. You will find the option of ownership transfer. With just one click, you make another member the owner. However, if you wish to get the ownership again, you have no option but to persuade the owner to transfer it back to you. 

3. Member Removal 

Some members can be a problem either to the owner or to the group. Positively you do not have to bear them. You can remove them easily by the three dots given in their profile. Click on them, and the option of removing the member comes up. 

Way To Join The Club 

If you wish to join any club, you know that it can only be through an invitation. It would be unprofessional just to go out there and ask them to let you in. The only way to complete the process would be to ask a member to kindly let you in the group as you are an enthusiast.

Way To Leave The Club 

Leaving a club can have many reasons. We do not wish to list them all. The discretion wholly lies in the hand of the member who wants to leave the club. If you want you can inform the owner of your choice. To leave the club, you have either of the two choices :


  • go to the homepage of the client and look for the club options menu. There will be a gear icon. 
  • In the icon, click on the leaving group. 

Social Media 

  • go to the social media panel and click on the club. 
  • Once located right click on the club. 
  • You will find the option of leaving the club. Click on it. 

Where Are The Clubs Located? 

If you are wondering where the clubs are located, there are two ways to find them:

  • go to the league client social media panel. Right-click on it. The list of the clubs will be displayed. 
  • Another way to find the class will be through your profile. Just where your ranked section is, there will be a club option. Click on it, and you will find the clubs. 

Eligibility For Creating A Club 

To create a group, you do not need any money or resources; however, since there are a lot of groups available, the limit has been set for new groups to 30 members. 

How to create a club

you have two options to choose from while creating a club:

  • while on the game client, you will find an option of making the club in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Open the game and go to your Summoner profile. There will be a heading called the clubs to click on it. There will be an option called to start a club. 

League Of Legends Tag Requirements 

The club tag is another cool feature of League of legend clubs that make it more homely. Just like you have nicknames, there is a club tab in the game where you get a shorter version of the club name. 

They can be called your label. You can set a League of legend tag as anything you wish to if it is not already taken. Remember that the number of contained characters is limited, so you cannot take up a long name. 

Also, a background check is done if the name has been taken up to throw someone or if you are a robot. Hence as long as you fulfill these situations, you will be good. 

Way To Get A Tag In League Of Legends 

The only requirement needed to get a club tag done is five numbers. Once you fulfill the criteria, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your client and click on the option of clog given on the upper right-hand side of the screen. 
  • Just beneath the name of the club, there will be a symbol click on it. 
  • There you will get an option of creating the tab. 

How To Change The Club Tag 

This is the Twist of the whole article. You won’t have expected, but you don’t have the option of changing the club’s tag. Once it has been set, it is a permanent thing. You have no chance to change the club tag except for deleting the group and creating a new one. 

Closing Thoughts 

That was our take on League of Legends club requirements and everything around it. We have tried to cover every aspect of the game, from creating the club and its Anarchy to deleting it and the needs of the tag. 

By the end of the article, we hope Do join our group and participate in the conversation! You have every idea of the clubs. The tiring community has been a hotspot of interesting discussions and implementations. Do join our group and take part in the conversation! 

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