League Of Legends Player Count and Statistics

Garena developed league of Legends in 2009. The game has been reaching Sky since its launch. The game’s popularity is no secret to anyone, and the company’s hard work has made the league of legend the most popular game in the sports industry. This puts up the question of League of Legends player count. 

Garena has been working hard to improve and upgrade the game whenever possible. With new features added, the graphics and storyline of the game are incomparable. The fair and sorted ranking system and the gameplay have also made it convenient for the players. Garena has always tried to listen to the issues faced by the players and rectify them. 

League Of Legends Player Count and Statistics

What Is League Of Legends 

League of Legends is a multiplayer mobile game that has been the Giants of the esports industry. In this game, the player gets the role of the summoner, and he gets to choose and manage a team of champions that he will use to fight the enemies. 

You can play the game in single, dual-mode, or multiplayer mode. One of the unique features of this game is that you can play a game where one player is against five. The storyline is engaging enough for you to hold the seat belt to the very end. The number of gamer levels is unknown; however, ranking levels are known and their importance. The ranking story tells you a lot about which champion to choose and which one to drop. 

To make the game more competitive and engaging, several factors were introduced. These features range from weapons to skins. Riot organizes many fun and tournaments across the countries to build a healthy competitive environment. It has also made sure to create a transparent ranking system. 

Overall, the players simply love the game, and the Riot has made sure to deserve it. 

League Of Legends Player Count 2021

In 2021 the League of Legends player count reached its Zenith. Before we dive into the numbers of 2021, let us look at the Player Account of the league of legends over the years. 

When the game started in 2009, it gained 11 million followers in two years. Since then, the big game has multiplied the player count. In the Year 2014, the game had 65 million followers to be followed by the first century, ahead of a hundred billion in the year 2017. The big game faced a DIP in its popularity mainly because of the competition of games like pubg. That is why in the year 2018, the player count went low to 75 million. 

In short, many Gamers, TV anchors, and the world thought that the game was dying. There was gossip around the Industry that the League of Legends has slowly started to pull away from the fan base. However, the game was ready to bounce back, and in the year 2021, it had 180 million active players across the world. 

The figure indicates all the speculation that the game was dying, and it only shows the positivity the game’s popularity will gain over the years. We are sure that League of legend 2 was, is, and will continue to be the king of the esports industry. 

Top 5 Countries With The Best Player Base 

Given below is the list of countries that have the highest player base of the league of Legends:

  1. USA – 14.4%
  2. Turkey – 9.26%
  3. Brazil- 9.11%
  4. Germany – 5.97%
  5. Russia- 4.98%

The Story Of The Rise Of League of Legends

When the league of Legends was launched it had a different story. There were issues in the game as well as the laggy servers. The characters, the graphics, and the details were not very impressive. 

The visuals and the characters ranking that we see today were not present before. The league of legend was nothing that it is today a few years ago when it was launched. To top it all, the bugs often penetrated the game. Then how did League of Legends rise to become the largest game on the internet? 

The credit for League of Legends’ success goes to the company’s hard work and its will to address each and every issue faced by the players to rectify its mistakes and improve. Over the years, League of Legends has seen a lot of changes and updates. 

The characters and the graphic effects were changed, new maps were introduced, the ranking system was made more transparent and effective, every new update fixed the bug that persisted in the last game. The result of all of this was that the match that started only in North America had spread to all the parts of the world within a year or two. 

Later, the game improved and has recently dedicated itself to bringing out new features like flex queue gaming. The game has many competitors today but has maintained its position at the top. 

Contribution Of The Streamers In The Growth Of League of Legends 

online streaming is a different business and career today. Many streamers are contributing to the online streaming platforms and running their business successfully. Gaming content is streamed online, too, and it has a lot of fans be very around roundLegends match.

Streaming content online benefits both the platform and the gamer. There is no denying that sharing content online has massively helped the league of legends. The number of viewers of League of Legends on platforms like Twitter and YouTube is so massive that no other game can even stand near it. The game has an average of viewers 500,000 on its official site. 

Now you must be wondering why someone would like to watch gaming content so much? The reason is simple, and it is that the players who are an inspiration to the Aspiring gamer are the streamer themselves. Professional players like Fakers and Capz, too, are on the streaming team of YouTube. They Jyada audience because people want to learn from them or get entertainment from the content. You can watch them play and learn their tactics to teach them in your gameplay. 

The next center of attraction is the tournaments streamed on these platforms by the official site. People gather to see their favorite characters in these tournaments like Grass Gore and Mid beast. You would always want to see them fighting each other and have the conclusion of who’s the best. 

Thus online streaming and League of Legends have benefited each other equally. International tournaments, entertainment, learning, inspiring everything has been involved in this online streaming. The number of rivers has been rising consistently, and I hope the best for the future as well! 

The Graph Of The Rise In Player Count 

it’s time to see the detailed view of the player statistics across the years:

2011- 11.5 Million Players 

The year 2011 was important for Riot. This year, the riot saw a really big increase in net users, and the player count rose to 11.5 million if you look at the numbers, around 32.5 million registrations and 11.5 million active players.

Around 4.2 million players played the game every day, and 1.5 million players played LoL all the time. The small company now had approximately 300 employees working. 

2012- 32 Million 

the infographics that have right provided on its official website told us that in 2012 the number just doubled themselves. Around 70 million players registered themselves. The game has an active 32 million players monthly. Every day approximately 12 million players play the game. 

The announcement also involved the information that it was between the age groups of 16 to 35 that the game was played the most. 

2014- 65 Million 

in this year riot did not announce much of the information due to some circumstances, but the information that we got has the following statistics:

The game’s player had monthly on an average Rose to 65 million. It also said that only 7 million players played the game every day. 

2017- The First Big Hit 

this was when the riot made a very big head, but the irony is that the official website did not release any numbers. Now is when the game hits a hundred million active players monthly on an average this year. 

That was the first time when the world the impact of League of Legends in the gaming industry. After all hundred million is a big number! 

2018- A Little Dip

the number of players went down to 75 million this year which was a setback to the industry. However, to the relief, the company’s hard work bought the numbers back in 2020 to their original levels. Since that year, the company has only grown and will see those numbers in 2021. 

2021- The King 

2021 has been an amazing year for League of Legends. During the year, League of Legends has head 180 million users. The figure is so massive that the industry is stunned. There is no denying that the league of legend has become The Chosen One or the crowned one with this figure. 

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersPeak Players In a Day
Last 30 Days180,000,00031,512,723
September 30, 2021125,995,87011,339,628
August 30, 2021126,550,27811,389,525
July 30, 2021128,014,47311,521,303
June 30, 2021126,335,47511,370,193
May 30, 2021121,566,90110,941,021
April 30, 2021118,501,46610,665,132
March 30, 2021120,302,27910,827,205
February 28, 2021117,522,36710,577,013
January 30, 2021115,647,81510,408,303
December 30, 2020121,206,63710,908,597
November 30, 2020116,916,13610,522,452
October 30, 202093,485,6748,413,711
September 30, 202098,405,9736,232,378
August 30, 2020105,765,9766,698,512
July 30, 2020109,037,0897,269,139
June 30, 2020112,409,3704,871,073
May 30, 2020115,885,9494,635,438
April 30, 2020129,323,2505,604,008
March 30, 2020119,646,0005,184,660

League Of Legends Esports

League Of Legends ESports has repeatedly said that League of Legends forms the majority chunk in eSports. Let us understand how. 

We have seen in the article above that League of Legends is a very loved game and has players across the world. Different regions of the world have other games in League of legend. Each server of the country has a different League or tournament. For example, some of them are:

  • American Region – NALCS
  • European – LES
  • China- LPL
  • South Korea- LCK

All the teams in the different reasons of these servers try to compete and reach the individual server League. The best of them win the game. Is there the first game hosted as a mid-season invitation League? Riot organized a very famous and competitive match at the year’s start. 

However, the most famous game organized by the League of Legends is the world league championship. The game hits records whenever it is played, and it gets over 99 million views actively across the session. The one who wins the game gets a lot of rewards cash, and at to top, it all came across in the gaming industry. 

The teams that have gained a lot of pain through these tournaments and the game are:

  • Team SoloMid
  • T1
  • Cloud 9
  • Fnatic
  • G2 Esports 

These teams have shown exceptional skills and tactics and permanently engraved their name in League of Legends’ golden book. If you play the League of legends, you must have heard these names because they inspire many people out there. 

Then there are individual players who have gained a lot of fame and popularity in the league of legend, and the top is Faker. Lee Sang-hyeok is a gamer whether players are an inspiration to many people worldwide. He has won matches after message and within no time was awarded as the best League of legend player. There are other players who are worth mentioning in this article, and they are Doublelift, xPeke, ShowMaker, etc. 

Closing Thoughts 

Over the years, League of Legends has had to face a lot of enemies or Rival games. These games have put a very tough competition before the League of Legends; however, none could succeed in overthrowing the king. 

League of Legends is a growing game, and we expect some individual players have to keep growing over the coming years. 

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