10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has 150 plus champions. When you are in the game, you will not see all of them in the arena. It is because there are many male champions and female champions, and some of them are banned. The article is about League of Legends banned champions. 

The League of Legends game is about its deep understanding of every given tactic, strategy and consistency. Without these following things, we cannot expect to win the game. Choosing the right Champions for your team is a part of the strategy. Champions are divided into tiers according to their ranks and capability.

However, some of the champions should be banned for the opponents to have their hands upon. We are listing the ten champions of League of Legends who should be the right choice to be banned. Walk through the article to know the same. 

1. Ekko

Ekko has been banned for 28% of the game and this is because of his survival capacity. Another reason for the League of legends to ban him is safety.  The champion’s crowd control tactics can become irritating for most players, resulting in his ban. The ultimate that has the same reason rate is held that he can be a tough champion to take down. 

2. Diana

Diana has been banned in most of the parts of the game between 10 to 28% depending upon the level of the game and the rank she is in. Her crowd control strategies and power on the enemy closer have resulted in her banning from League of Legends. The Raw Diana is something that stands out from all the other players and hence she has made it to the top 10 list of champions banned from League of Legends. 

3. Yone

the king of all the champions that have been banned. The champion has a banner read of 50% and hence you will not find a trace of him in the 50% of the game. Everything about him makes him prone to banning from AOE damage to hit effects. The champion is worth being banned from the game. 

4. Sett

The banning rate of this champion is between 11to 49%. The iron is the champion is a new addition to the game but has made it to the top 10 list of banned Champions why? Sett’s flex is his flexibility. Can be used in any part of the game and any arena you choose. From his implacable damage rate to gap rate everything is applaudable. All of this together has made the game ban this new edition. It is not something to be worried about because the ride has been banning new additions lately. 

5. Aphelios

the rate of Ban for the champion is between 15 to 48%. He has a special ability, and that gives in the power that every champion wishes for. He can alter his weapons anytime. Hence he has not only crowd control but also range. The drawback of this champion is that it is a very complex and difficult champion to play with. Only someone who has a deep understanding of this player can get through the game with him. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare. 

6. Blitzcrank

For his distinguished crowd control technique, the champion has been banned for most of the game. The rate of a span has been estimated to be 30%. He is known to hit the right target with his uppercuts and other dual techniques. The old and rusty friend can be used in the game but is avoided by most players. Looking for new and fresh talents, the old ones have often been banned by the users. This champion is a prey of the same. 

7. Yasuo 

Yasuo is just the mirror self of Yi. Mighty in team fights and combat, this champion can take down any enemy that comes in front of him. The ban rate of this champion is estimated to be around 42%. The ultimate ability of the champion that puts him on the list is his win barrier. 

The best part about this champion is that he is a great actor and uses a lot of shielding to protect himself. The best dual nature of the champion makes him very tough to take down. You want him to be a pain for you, and hence most of the players like him are banned. 

8. Senna

The utility and ADC have made her a request for the other champions. Because of this, her ban rate has increased up to 30% from the initial zero at the start of the seasons. Specialised in long-range attacks, the champion can interact with a lot of damage. 

9. Leona

with a ban rate of 15 to 28%, the champion, with her long-range attacking abilities, can wipe out the enemy single-handedly. It is because of this that she may not be a team player. 

She may have a lot of issues in team playing because of her lack of damaging skills and difficulty and playing ability. It can be good for the player to ban her from her team and let her ban the opponents. 

10. Master Yi

This good old champion has a ban rate of over 34%. His great damage output and speed are the main factors that stand out in the crowd. Not only does he kill, but he also has self-healing properties. He also has a knack to handle multiple attacks at once. All in all, they may make him one of the toughest Champions to take down. 

This is the reason that either you should have him or ban him for the others. 

Final Words 

so that was our take on the top 10 banned League of Legends champions. I will keep the list updated for you to check up on with new additions. Hence do visit us with time to know about all the updates.

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