Popular Dota Game 2011

Are you dealing with playing dota?

Do you really know how to play it? Do you want to reveal your enemies on the map using dota map hack? If your two responses are not to this question, this guide is the one for you.

Nowadays almost everyone fully understands how to play Defense of the Ancients, children, teenagers and even adults recognize how to play Dota. Internationally or locally a lot of competitions are held, because most of the users have addiction to dota. And I noticed that PH was ranked sixth in the last Asian contest. So, if you are ready to know how to play Defense of the Ancients, you should keep reading this post. There are 2 squad to choose from Sentinel and Specter. There are also 97 heroes to choose from, where you can find three types of unique heroes. Agility type, Str, type, Intelligence type hero. Strength type heroes are the best heroes that deal more damage and have H.P. extra compared to other unique heroes. The hero who attacks faster than the other hero classes is agi ,. Intelligence type heroes are types of heroes who have more mana and skills than other hero classes.

Let’s talk about now the game items you can get.

There are many types of items in dota, you will find items that can increase your MP and click points. You will also find items that increase your attack rate and movement. There are items that will make you invisible but there are also items that make you Easily Recognized even though you are unrecognizable. There are items that can make your rivals miss when they attack. And the item that I like the most is the item that will prevent you from dying.

So now you are ready to learn how to play the game.

The real game of Defense of the Ancients is to remove and secure the throne. The main step is to choose the hero that you will use, go to the item shop then buy some items that are perfect for your unique hero, and then eliminate several allied units and enemy heroes for you to get expiration and gold.

Which can make you level up, All leveling up you gain 1 skill point which you can utilize to improve your skills and help make you much stronger.

If you feel that you are strong enough to defend what you did, you can kill now the boss to get aegis, that item can avoid you from death and after that you can now damage the tower and succeed in the CS:GO game on CSGO sites. So now that you know the mechanics of the game are very easy. All you have is to recognize the game dota and you will identify it being very rather simple. Because understanding is very basic in every match.