Ultimate Guide To The Best Poe Vendor Recipes In 2021

Path Of Exile is one of the most popular RPG games. It has been maintaining its position in the top rankers continuously for seven years from its launch. There are many features used by the developers that have contributed to the making of this popular and loved game. One of these features is POE Wand Recipe. You have to be acquainted with each of these features for a serious player to frame your tactics accordingly. 

There are many kinds of POE Vendor recipes in the game. Each one is unique in requirements and results. We have covered them all in the article. Without any further delay, let’s dive in! There can be some things important for you to know to the end that can help you in the game.!

What Is POE Vendor Recipe

In the course of the game, the players may not need every equipment or item they have. The best solution to get rid of these items and get profit in exchange is to sell the items to a vendor in the game. In the sale of these items, you can earn in-game currency or certain equipment. It is a win-win situation for both. However, it is also to be noted that you cannot just give out any items to the vendors. Individual vendors require some specific things to provide you with returns.

Different types of vendors differ in their requirements and returns. You have to give the right combination to the sell window. The recipe will be made in the window with the items provided, and then the return will be decided. The recovery depends on the combination that is matched in the selling window. Now that we know what Poe vendor recipes, look at each one of them.

1. Vaal Orb Recipe

To have a regular source of power to fuel the build of the player is important. In the process of this empowerment, you have to corrupt your gear regularly. This gear is used to hit specific mods. It can result in drying up your supply very quickly. The Vaal Orbs is a great tool that can help you in such situations. However, they are hard to get.

With Vaal Orb Recipe, it is made easy by the game. All you need is a specific set of combinations that will create a match to get the Vaal Orb. The Vaal Orb recipe requires the following stuff: 7 Vaal skill-gems, Noon, and a sacrifice stone. The items together match up to become the Vaal Orb. The gem can be any from the lot, and the sacrifices should be at Dusk, Noon, Midnight, or Dawn.

A little note that we can add here is trying to save Midnight sacrifice stone as it is of a higher value. You can use it later for the exchange of currency. It will be a better decision to make.

Quality currency recipe

if there is a currency called the basic living means in the game, it is quality currency. You need to have this currency for everyday activities while you are in the game. To have more of it, you need a recipe that will sum up to the value of 40%. Two basic recipes can help you get quality currency in the game:

Cartographer’s Chisels 

As the name suggests, it takes maps in exchange for currency. When you cross an Atlas, and the map becomes useless, you can exchange them for quality currency. 

Again you need to have a 40% value for the same, and to make it there, you have to add gravel with the map. The value of the gravel in the map will be considered as 20%. When you give it to the vendor, you get a cartographer’s chisel in exchange. 

This is one of the easiest currencies to Grab through the vendor recipe of the path of exile. This is because both maps and gravel are readily available for you. You can easily trade them off for a Cartographer’s Chisel. 

 Glassblower’s Bauble, Armorer’s Scraps, Gemcutter’s Prisms, and Blacksmith’s Whetstone

The process to get each one of these items is very simple. For example, when you need a Gemcutter’s prism, you need to do several prisms that will add to the value of 40%. When you give it to the vendor, you can easily get in exchange the desired object. 

It will also recommend their skill gems have a value higher than 10% are a keeper. They can be used better in the game. For the rest of the items, the same process follows. 

2. Jeweler’s Orb Recipe 

Six pocket items are often termed as the useless stuff in the game. They keep dropping here and there in the maps, but no one wants to collect them. However, you will be managing the now. The reason behind the statement is that you can exchange six-pocket items for a Jewellers orb! 

If you are unaware that Jeweller’s orb is equivalent to the value of chaos Orb, they are really important in the game. Whenever you find six-pocket items, it is advised to collect them and trade them to the vendor for Jeweller’s orb. 

3. Chromatic Orb Recipe

Have you seen the three socket items of the color green, blue, and red? You easily find them and game, right? The good news is you can easily collect these items; any three of them take them to the vendor and get a chromatic Orb in return. This is one of the easiest recipes in the game, and it is a blessing at the start of the game. When you start a journey, you need to have all the money you can gather. Chromatic orb recipe solves the problem by getting currency very easily. It will help you in the longer Run.

4. Map Upgrade Recipe 

Do you know that maps in the game can be upgraded? They will be used in the same tier of the region. Each map can be upgraded into a better version which is predefined and structured by the developers. All you need to upgrade a map game is to give three spare maps in return. Like the quality currency recipe, this recipe is one of the fundamentals and most used recipes. 

5. Damage Increase Recipe

There are a lot of factors that come around to make a winning strategy. Defense is one of the most important roles in the game. The champion has to take in a lot of damage to create a winning entry. If you want your champion to win the game, you have to increase its damage control properties. The recipe provided below does the job for you. 

Percentile Physical Damage 

With the help of this recipe, there are two sashes that you can get; one is the physical one, and the other is a magical one. Always try to go for the physical one as it gives you damage control of nearly 70 to 80%. On the other hand, damage control from magical Sash is expected only to update 69%. To get the damage done, you need a combination of a rustic Sash, a Whetstone of Blacksmith’s, and a weapon of your choice. 

Percentile spell damage

The recipe will offer you two types of damage control on the weapon. One is the chain belt, and the other is the magical belt. While the chain belt provides up to 39% damage control, the magic spell gives only 29%. A Blacksmiths Whetstone, Aaj chain belt, and a weapon of your choice will provide you with this recipe.

6. Skill Gem Level Recipe

The purpose of this recipe is dual, one is to give you some extra currency if you need and the second is to help you improve your build. If you are looking for any of the two options, this recipe is for you. 

The level increase in gems 

Upgradation in the level is a blessing for many players, especially those who are just starting. You can add a gem modifier at the starting of the game to get you a level increase. All you need to bring is a combination of Ruby Sapphire or a Topaz ring along with a magic quality wand scepter. 

Quality Skill Gems 

This one is really interesting because you can get a level 20 gem in level 1 itself. You need to give a collected 20 gems to the Bender, and you will get a 20% increase in the level Gem. It will be needless to make you count the importance of skill gem and their profitability. 

Closing Thoughts

There is an Ocean full of recipes present in the game. However, not all of them are important. We have tried to list the most important ones to keep in mind while in the game. These recipes are of great help during the start of the game or while leveling up or empowering your build. 

The recipes given above are the most important ones and the most useful ones. Do write us if we forget any! Do keep them in the back of your head to understand what you need to do to get the recipes together. 

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