Hacks To Find Out The Time Wasted On LOL (League of Legends)

Launched in 2009, League of Legends celebrated its 11th birthday in January this year. Over the years, player density in the game has decreased. We cannot deny that the craze of the game is still quite prevalent and substantial.

A player cannot have a note of the time he spends on the game. For that reason, the average time spent by a player in a year is around 830 hours. The highest being a Korean pro player called Pensive. However, the time wasted on lol cannot be determined by any in-game facilities.

There can be times when a player may ask himself how much time is he wasting on lol? We are glad to inform you that there are ways to determine the figure for you. However, the question is, is the use of the word ‘Wasted’ appropriate? 

Hacks To Find Out The Time Wasted On LOL (League of Legends)

Riot gives you no option to get track of the time wasted on, lol. Manually it is impossible to estimate the time. What is the way out, then? We are here for your rescue. On research and close observance, we dug the ways out. The methods are tried and tested and 100% reliable. You may try any one of the following :

Method 1: Ranked Hours

Though Riot does not give you the time wasted on lol in totality, you can always get your hands on the ranked hours. What are Ranked hours? This is the time you’ve spent in the current season. How to find them out? Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the League Of Legends on your device. Open it.
  • Locate the profile tab and click it.
  • A menu appears on the screen. Find the option ‘stats.’ Open the stats option.
  • Run your eyes through the left corner at the bottom. There you will find the hours played. Remember, it is for the current season only.

Method 2: wol.gg

This is the solution that is exactly what you need. Wasted On LOL is a website that puts an end to the quest for time estimation for League of Legends. This third-party website that blankets all the servers across the world.

China and a majority of southeast Asia are an exception. The host QQ covers China, while Garena covers Southeast Asia. Apart from these regions, wasted on lol covers them all.

The website does not give you the accurate number but the closest digits of time wasted on lol. How does the website work? It is pretty simple.

  • As soon as you open the website, you will find a search bar to enter your name. This name is the summoner name you have in the game. T
  • The next step is to select your region.
  • Click on the tab that says, “ how much time I wasted on lol.”
  • You are done! The time wasted on lol appears on the screen.

A detailed insight appears on the screen. It tells you how many days or hours, or minutes you have spent on the game. It also gives your world rankings and regional ranking. 

Wasted on lol also compares the time wasted on lol to the equivalent number of reading hours, movies watched, and Kms walked. It gives you a clear idea of your time wasted on it, lol.

Wol.gg.com is not just a time calculating website; it has more to offer. If you need RP, you can buy it from the website. The directory of the website has the option for purchasing RP. The website also ranks the best players of the League of legends.

Method 3: Alternate Websites

Your region may not be accessible by wasted on the lol website. If you fall in any such area not covered by the website, there are alternate sites present. 

These third-party websites are not at par with wasted on lol when it comes to accuracy. We cannot deny that they work. Remember, “ something is better than nothing.” You can get a close idea of how much time is wasted on, lol.

Laoyuegou.com is one such alternate website that can get your work done. It differs from Wasted On LOL in its functioning. It will not tell you the total time spent on the game but will list the time spent on each season.

To get the total time wasted on lol, you need to perform some maths. Multiply both the numbers. The resulting digit will be the whole time wasted.

Op.gg is another such website. It is least recommended. It gives you nothing but the number of the games you have played to date. Now all you can do is to guess. It is a hit-and-trial method. 

A player’s average time to complete one game is 30-25 mins depending on the game. The player has to multiply the number of games played to get the wasted time wasted.

Method 4: Mastery Points

The easiest way to get the time wasted on lol. This method revolves around Mastery points. All you need to do is to get a hold of the total mastery points that you have. When you have the total sum, perform division. The divider is 650.

Once the steps are done, you can get the closest number to time wasted on lol. The method is the quickest one amongst the ones listed. You can always try it when in a hurry.

Is The Time Wasted?

It is sad to read the word ‘wasted.’ We are perplexed. For a dedicated player aspiring to become a pro, time spent is just an investment. You are investing your time in the game, which will yield returns for you.

However, if you are someone who plays the game for refreshment, the question can be accurate. League of Legends is one of the most addictive games and hence to track the time you spend on the game becomes crucial.


Pensieve, a Korean player, is the winner with the time wasted on lol standing at 14,402 hours. He has spent the most hours on the game. Popular pro players like Faker have spent 2,460 hours on the game. If you want to level up honor in Lol then you need to spend hundreds of hours.

These digits do sound big. If you feel that you are not good enough after this, you are wrong. Quality is always over quantity. Focus on skill development and gameplay rather than the number of hours or the time wasted on lol.