Path Of Exile Deal With Bandits Guide – Best Choice

Grinding Gear Games developed the path Of Exile. Inspired by the Diablo series, the game is an action-role-based video series. Set in a dark fantasy world, the player must deal with wild and dangerous things and situations to survive. 

The game is named so because the player is in exile and wakes up to be punished for his deeds. As the game proceeds, the player has to make decisions at various stages. During the game, you gain experience, and this experience will mould the character.

Though none of these decisions can be the pivot, one of them is an exception. The decision is the Path Of Exile Bandits. This decision will result in different consequences. Hence, the gravity that this decision holds is a fundamental one. The article intends to help you in making the Path Of Exile Bandits the best choice. Recently we also talked about Fractured walls in Path of exile so make sure to check it out too.

The Deal With Bandits: Explained

Act 2 of Path Of Exile introduces the element of dealing with bandits. The quest starts at the end of Through Sacred Ground. When the player comes across the scholar named Eramir. The scholar will inform the player of the three bandits who is looking for him. The three bandits are Oak, Alira, and Kraityn. You can find them in:

  • Oak: the Wetlands. 
  • Alira: the Western Forests. 
  • Kraityn: the Broken Bridge 

All the three bandit lords are situated in three different locations on the map. The three want you to help them steal their amulets. The player has the option to choose only one lord to help and kill the rest two. The decision is said to be crucial because of the outcomes of helping differ. It can change the whole course of the game. The quest starts as soon as you reach Eramir and find out about the bandit lords. The one option that you may choose other than the Bandit lords is to choose Eramir. To make a deal with him, you need to kill all the three Bandits. 

Some players may need guidance. However, it must be clear that if the player has a prerequisite mind map of what rewards you need, you must know what choice to make. Below we explain what rewards you get by helping each Bandit Lord. What is the Path Of Exile Bandit’s Best Choice? Let us find out.

Rewards Of Helping The Bandits In the Path Of Exile Quest

1. For Helping Alira

Alira wants to retrieve the amulets of Oak and Kraityn. You are helping Alira would mean that you have to kill Oak and Kraityn. As soon as you recover the amulets from them and surrender them to Alira, you will receive awards.

From what we have noticed, the awards for helping Alira may be the best. How? It is because you win Elemental Resistance. The power allows you in the longer run. You should be acquainted with the fact that in Act 6 of the game, Kitava will snatch away your resistance. Hence, winning opposition can prove to be profitable for you.

Rewards Include:

  • Elemental Resistance of 15%.
  • Per Second Mana Regenerated of 5.
  • Global Critical Strike Multiplier of 20%.

2. For Helping Oak

Oak, too wants you to help him and kill Alira and Kraityn. In return, he has rewards to offer. The prize includes a reduction in physical damage. The boost is excellent. However, when you compare the growth with the physical resistance from Alira, it looks minimal.

Hence, though the rewards by Oak are commendable, they are less eminent as compared to Alira. What all do you get for helping Oak? Here is the list:

Rewards Include:

  • Reduction in Physical Damage by 2%.
  • You get the 1% of the life generated per second.
  • Physical damage is increased by 20%.

3. For Helping Kraityn

Kraityn is no different from the other Bandit Lords. He is thirsty for the blood of Oak and Alira. He needs the player to choose him and hence allures him with rewards. The reward is tempting as it is the “ one shoe that fits all.” Kraityn offers you speed. The speed is one feature that will help any class of the player. The rewards by Kraityn are the only ones that can compete with the ones that Alira offers. A virtue like speed can prove to be compensation for all the other weaknesses of the player.

Rewards Include:

  • Speed and attacking increase by 6%
  • Dodge attacks by a chance of 3%.
  • Increase in speed movement by 6%.

4. The Alternate Decision: Kill Them All

Apart from the deal with the bandits in Path Of Exile, you have one other choice. Instead of making a deal with the bandits, you can make a deal with the scholar. Why would you do that? If the rewards offered by the bandits do not fit in the plan of your class building.’ The choice is to choose Eramir.

In such a case, you may choose to offer all the amulets to Eramir and kill all the three bandits for him. The reward Eramir offers you are two passive skills. The prize empowers you to decide which stats of bonus you would choose to move further. The power is great for people who do not know what stats they wish to choose or have a clear guide for the class building. It should, however, be noted that you cannot have these skills forever. They work only until a certain level.

The Option Of Bandit Choice Change

Made the wrong choice? Want to revert your Bandit choice? No worries, Path Of Exile gives you an option. It is not surprising that, at times, players may realize that they have made the wrong choice. Instead of regretting it and continuing with the bad decision, you have the option of changing it. 

However, you must be well acquainted that everything comes at a price. The option we are talking about is no different. You have to pay for the book of Reform, which will change the possibility that you made. You can sell the items to a vendor in the game. What you need to sell are:

  1. Kill All Bandits Reform Book: Onyx Amulet and 20 Orb of Regret. 
  2. Book Of Reform For Kraityn: Jade Amulet and 20 Orb of Regret. 
  3. Book Of Reform For Oak: Amber Amulet and 20 Orb of Regret. 
  4. Book Of Reform For Alira: Lapis Amulet and 20 Orb of Regret. 

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Final Talk 

We would give you the one advice to always think of your class to make the Path of Exile Bandit the best choice. The class building is the pivot of the game. 

It is also to be kept in mind that if you feel that you have made the wrong choice, you cannot become rigid, change your decision. It will be the best. That is it about the Path Of Exile Bandits Best Choice.