Path Of Exile (POE) Strongbox Guide: Ways To Maximize Your Map Profit

Part of exile has always brought new features to incentivise more and more players to the game. Strongboxes are just one of them. When Ambush League in patch 1.1 was launched game whether was the concept of strong boxes and the Path of Exile. 

Most of the players are unaware of the fact bought this from boxes can do for them. They often tend to lose out on the opportunity that strongboxes in POE give to them. You should not do something unless these profit for you directly or indirectly. Strongboxes, on the brighter side, will always provide you with gains. 

If you or someone are unaware of facts and figures of strong boxes, how to create them, how to use them, and what they can do for you, this article is just for you. Without wasting your time, let us dive into the POE Strongbox guide. Make sure to also check about Fractured walls in POE.

Strongbox: Meaning

Strongboxes are chest full of loot. However, it is not easy to just locate them and retrieve the loot. Strongboxes erupt randomly but are guided by various guardians. 

That’s not just one person. It’s a whole, and there can be many. If you wish to get the loot, you need to kill each one of them. Anshu Ke every garden of the storm box, you can get it. 

It is a little tough to acquire a strongbox, but identifying strongboxes on not just one kind of rarity is important. There are many. To place a strongbox, you will lead the scroll of wisdom. Alternatively, you can also use the currency to craft a strong box. The packages that can be crafted are only a few, such as chaos Orb and alchemy orb. The crux is that you need a scroll of wisdom to identify a strong box. 

You attain a strongbox of any kind; you can be assured of a large margin of profit. Strongboxes do not give your a minimal amount for fighting and killing the guardians. You get loot that can satisfy your tummy. This article will tell you all about the types of strong boxes and what will you get by acquiring each one of them. All you need to do is to walk through the article with us. 

Strongbox : Type 

there are various kinds of strong boxes. They differ in their spawning time and the kind of reward that they offer. To give you an overview of all the strong boxes that the path of exile offers you, we have created a table below. Do have a look and find out what strongbox can help you with what:

Unique0.6% chance of spawning.Reward: Various.
Ornate2.8% chance of spawning.Rewards: Assorted items.
Arcanist’s4.4% chance of spawning.Rewards:non-quality Currency.
Artisan’s6.9% chance of spawning.Rewards: Quality currency.
Armourer’s6% chance of spawning.Rewards: The mayor, The body, Armour items.
Cartographer’sRewards: Maps.
Blacksmith’s5.7% chance of spawning.Rewards: Weapon items.
Diviner’s1.9% chance of spawning.Rewards: Divination cards.
Jeweller’s7.5% chance of spawning.Rewards: Belts, Jewels, Rings, Hubris, Amulets.
Gemcutter’s3.3% chance of spawning.Rewards: Vaal gems, the gem cutter, gems.
Large4.7% chance of spawning.Rewards: Assorted items
Strongbox(No prefix)56.3% chance of spawning.Rewards: Assorted items.

Though everything must have been clear with the table, there can be a little chance of confusion. This confusion can we drink three Strongboxes, namely unique, chaos, and cartographer. It is one of them individually. 

Unique Strongboxes There is a reason that they are called unique. The reason is simple, and it is that they differ in carding and rewarding processes. Most of the time, they may not be regarded by a mob at all. You can also expect a special type of reward from them each time you find them. And you can see that unique, strong boxes don’t fall under our definition of strong boxes, which makes him special. 
Cartographer’s Strongbox We all know what cartographers do. One can easily estimate that a cartographer or will reward you with maps. What makes them different from others is their rarity. You will not find more than two cartographers boxes throughout the game. Hence there were and crucial from the point of view of the game. 
Chaos Orb These strongboxes are a lot different from their normal counterparts. The unit mass comes from their size and the reality they offer, which is raised than normal. And you can be sure that they provide you more than any normal counterpart of theirs. 

How To Craft Your Strong Box 

Now that you have an idea of what strong boxes are and how they are profitable for you let’s have a logon of how you can acquire them. Below are some of the easiest and effective ways to get the most number of the strongbox. 

Ambush Scarab

This is one way of adding a little more Strongboxes in your pocket. As you know to add this one to your bag, you should have no issues in betraying. Ambush Scarab, to are of different types. If you get a rusted one, you can get three additional strong boxes. If you get a polished one, you get 4more strong boxes, and if you are lucky and get a Guild, you get files from packages. 

The Monstrous Treasure Prophecy 

You can guess by the name that this Poe Prophecy tends to do something with the Monsters. If you do, then you are right. If you get this Prophecy, you are lucky because what it does will turn the game’s table packages will take away all the Monsters present on the map and lock them up for you. Hence, not only do you get strong boxes that are 36 numbers but also you get rid of the Monsters. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s the best way to get strong boxes. 

Zana’s Ambush League Modifier 

you can get this modified and exchange currency and apply it to the mapping system you are playing on. Using this method, you can get at least two more strong boxes in your collection. 

Strongbox Crafting: How Profitable 

You may have heard that crafting a strongbox may increase the return. How about this isn’t true. While most stone boxes are not worth investing in crafting, a few can be but do not return much. 

Boxes like unique boxes do not deliver anything on the investment of crafting. Hence it is not worthwhile to use currencies on them. However, if you wish to, there are a few strong boxes to increase the profit a little bit on crafting investment. These are:

  1. Arcanist’s Strongbox. 
  2. Diviner’s Strongbox. 
  3. Cartographer’s Strongbox. 

How to craft a strongbox

Crafting a strongbox can make it look desirable and increase returns in some cases. If you are looking forward to knowing the method of grafting a stronger we are here to help me. First, let us have a look at what all items do we need to craft a strongbox:

  • Engineer’s Orb
  •  Regal Orb
  •  Orb of Alteration
  •  Chaos Orb
  •  Orb of Transmutation
  •  Orb of Scouring
  •  Orb of Alchemy

Now, what will you get on crafting a Strongbox? Here is the list :

  • add a little more silver coins. 
  • It increases the items the box contains. 
  • It also increases the ratio of unique items that you find in them. 
  • You also get the option to choose the deviation card of your preference. 

Now without wasting must and letters, look at the process of crafting a strongbox

the first step would be to use the Alchemy orb on the box and make it roll. Continue the process until the mods are of your choice. You can also use the Chaos or on the strongbox as it yields the greatest returns of all. However, it may cost you a greater expense than the other normal or. If you do not want to invest that much, you can use alternatives and Regal the box until the desired result. 

Now get you to have a greater quantity. Let’s talk about quality. To increase the quality of the box, use Engineer’s orb on it. How will make sure the engineers always use only on diviners box. For this to happen, you have to roll your Box with the Scouring Orb first. 

Closing Thoughts 

Now that you have reached the concluding part of the article, I am sure that you have every detail of the strong boxes. You know what they are, where to use them and how to craft them. What someone to excel in-game, the information is enough. 

Now that you know everything about them go out there and use in knowledge about your game free.