PoE Trade Macro Guide: How It Works & How To Use The Hotkeys

Path of exile is one of the most famous and loved games. Just like every other game, it too has items that can be bought. At times it becomes tough for you to check up on the prices of these items. A majority of people use third-party applications or third-party websites to check up on the prices. 

POE trade macro guide is a tool with which you can always have track of the prices. What is a  trade macro trade guide, and how to use it are covered in this article? Walk through the article with us to the end to know everything about the POE trade macro guide. 

What Is Trade Macro

Trade Macro is a hotkey in Path Of Exile. The script for the hotkey allows you to check the prices of the items in the path of exile. It uses the simple mechanism of downloading the scripts of various items and looking for their prices on various websites. As it gets the right amounts it creates temporary documents and displays them to you. 

Unlike most of the tools available, Path of exile has allowed the use of Trade Macro in the game. This is because, unlike most of them, it uses a simple and transparent mechanism and gives an insight to the players. It benefits the users as they get trustable information and make them well acquainted with the pricing of the items in the game. 

Features Of Trade Macro In POE 

Now that we know what Trade Macro is let us have a basic understanding of its broad features:

1. Automatic And Default Search

There is a shortcut key for the same. As stated above, the Macro guide conducts a default search for the prices. The shortcut key for the default search is Control + D. By pressing these keys simultaneously; you will get the default search started by the Trade Macro. However, it is to be noted that the prices you will come across will be an estimate and not the exact ones. 

There are items like gems and unique items that can differ in the prices that you may be listed. For unique items like these, multiple bonuses work in the background. Hence it can be quite a difference in the prices that are listed and the actual ones. 

2. Item Information 

The basic work of Trade Macro is to provide you with item information. To check the item information, you need to use the hotkey Control + C. With this hotkey; you can have every detail of the item mentioned compactly. 

3. Advance Item Price Search 

In advance,s we may get the details of the prices of the item and compare it with an item of lower grade and upper grade. The hotkey combination for this search pest Control + Alt + D. It will also get you the prices and things attached to the base item to increase its functionality. 

4. Advance Item Information 

With advanced search, it will break down every little detail available above the item on the internet. To get the advanced search working, use the hotkey of Control + Alt + C. 

5. Selecting The League 

League selection is as important as it would allow you to get the item’s information from the current League. To put this shortcut key in working, use Control + L. 

How To Apply Trade Macro 

Now that you know the basic features and the definition of trade macro let us apply it in the game. Given below is a step-by-step guide for the same:

  • The first step would be to download the apk file of the hotkey. Download it. Search for the same on the browser, and you will be provided with a list. 
  • Once downloaded, you need to locate the zip file. Extract the contents out of it. 
  • It must be noted that for this to work, the path of exile should be launched in Windows mode. 
  • Navigate to the file Run_TradeMacro.ahk and run it on the device. 
  • You will be asked to set a default League. Use the following tpsmtrd. 
  • It must also be noted that only the path of exile that runs in English shall apply the steps. Any system using a different language won’t be able to use it. 

Other Shortcuts 

Given below is the list of other shortcut keys that will be of help in the Trade Macro guide:

1. Age Of The Item 

Now, this is an interesting and important tool in the Macro guide. If you are wondering how the age of an item helps you, let us give you details. Consider the following situation where you have made an offer for an item. If you know this, you can compare it with the suggestion that you have made. To see the age of an item, use the shortcut key Control + E. If you use this shortcut to know the period, you will learn how much time the item has been listed and what the offer was made last. 

2. Redirecting to the wiki page

A thoughtful tool that helps you to go to the Wikipedia page of an item. It will make a lot of cube area, and you will get every information about the item. Use the shortcut key Control + W for the same. 

3. Exit

If there comes a situation where you need to pause and exit the game immediately, you can use the shortcut key: Control + escape. 

4. Stash And Vendor 

The shortcut key allows you to look for this same page item but in different types. With the help of this shortcut key, you will have more variety to choose from and compare your item with similar styles. To activate the same, use the key of Control + F. 

5. Scroll 

If you have many different items on different pages, use the shortcut key to go through them all at once: Control + Mouse scroll. 

Final Words 

POE trade macro guide is a way to have a comprehensive insight into the item price and details. It will help The Gamers and users to choose and make offers intelligently. 

At GitHub script, you can also have additional tools added to it. POE Trade Macro is one of the most useful tools to install on your device. Always have it installed and make use of it wherever you can. It will save a lot of your time and Investments.  Apart from this make sure to check out the PoE Prophecy guide to make your game more interesting.

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