Solo Queue Vs Flex Queue: Which One Should You Go For?

League of Legends is one of the best guitar games that you will come across. It has a large, comprehensive and diverse list of champions. There are many types of games in the League of Legends. Until season 7, there were only solo and dual games. But after the season, Riot introduced a new dynamic in the game. 

The flex queue system was introduced in season 7 of League of Legends. The new system has both its pros and cons. The question is which method will be more viable: solo queue or flex queue. Both of these systems have their properties and drawbacks. Let us have a detailed view of both of these systems and what they are to offer you. 

What Is Solo Queue In League Of Legends 

Solo queuing is the practice of testing your skills and capabilities. It will only have a single-player or another of its teammates. During Solo queues, you cannot expect much in the game. You cannot rely on your teammates, and hence it has given rise to many of the concerns that players across the world have put forward. 

The Drawbacks Of Solo Queuing 

A video of a player went viral where he put The Red flag in front of the world about the drawbacks of solo queuing. It was then that the world realised how Solar curing could seriously harm the game of a player and the community. He pointed out that the team made them lose purposely to gain attention, which was seriously damaging. It was then that the world realised how Solar curing could seriously harm the game of a player and the community—the community and spirit. 

Solo showing is also prone to hackers and smokes that try to harm your game seriously. In Solo queueing, you have the option of only choosing the champions from 1 rank. It hampers the creativity and the options available to the player. 

The Positives  Of Solo Queuing

However, there is a positive side to solo queuing as well. If you want to test your strength and capability, then you should go for Solo queuing. 

A player also experiences different new dimensions of the game. For example, he gets to know the different gaming styles used by other players and how to deal with them. We can also learn a lot from the various players in the course of a game. 

When you gain experience of all the things you put in the future games, it can help you a lot. We can say that’s all of you in the just like normal stuff and life has both positive and drawbacks it is you who has to choose 

What Is The Flex Queue System

The flex queue introduced a new style in the game. In this system, you can choose your friends to play with. You can select one, two, three or five players to play with. You cannot have four players. A little weird, but that is the policy. Another fun part of the system is that you can choose Champions from any of the ranks. 

The Drawbacks Of Flex Queue 

The flex queue system has its drawbacks too. It has been unpopular among the gaming community because of a reason. Players believe that they cannot showcase their skills and test them on the ground because of teamwork. 

Also, when you do not have enough game counts in your pocket, you will not be listed in the true ELFO range. Another drawback of the game is its mismatched components. Imagine a mismatch play between a team of 5 players and a group of 3 players. It will not only create buttons but will be there on the team and its players as well. It is one of the most counted drawbacks of the Flex Queue system.

The Positives of Flex Queue 

Riot introduced the Flex system in its Gameplay to rectify the issues players have been facing in the past queue systems. This system was envisioned to make the players have better coordination among themselves. 

When you have a team of similar people, you can have a shared goal and work together to achieve it. It will make you a better team player and test your leadership qualities and skills to help each other out. The system was not very popular in the past; however, it gained popularity when people came to know about its positives. 

With a team of people who have shared interests, you can test ground practicals together, making the whole experience even better. 

Our Verdict 

Until now, the Solo Queue system has been largely popular amongst the gaming communities. However, slowly and steadily, the Flex Queue system has also gained ground. According to us, both of the designs have their pros and cons. It should be a personal verdict which one you should go for. 

If you choose the soul of your gameplay, you will have the advantage of testing your skills, gaining experience on the grounds, and testing various other players.  On the other hand, when you go for a flex queue system, you share a common goal and work as a team on it. The Flex queue system is more fun and easier game as you can rely on your teammates. While the solo queue is all about you standing out. It is totally on the player which one he/her wants to go for

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