How To Get Free league of legends skins (6 Ways)

Launched in 2009, League of Legends is still a popular game in the industry. The hold and popularity of League Of Legends might have been affected in the years but not shaken. The team-based multiplayer game draws its inspiration from Defense Of The Ancients. Founded by Riot, the game has many prestigious awards in its name.

Skin is an important part of the League Of Legends. Some of them are free while some are not. The skins in League Of Legends are a crucial source of revenue for the company. For players, too, they are more than just a costume. That is why free League Of Legends Skins are a dream of many. Is there a way to get free League Of Legends Skins? Whether you want to level up honor in League of legends or wants free skin this post got you covered. Let us find out.

Importance Of Skins In League Of Legends

The skin of League Of Legends is not just a dress to wear but has more to offer. They can be a weapon for you. Coats can help you a great deal in the gameplay. If you get the right costume, you can boost your game to the next level. It is why getting skins is important in League Of Legends.

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List Of Free Skins By League Of Legends

League Of Legends comes with a lot of free skins for everyone. The reason for free skin can be either promotion or incentive. The free skins are:

  • Unchained Alistar.
  • Grey Warwick.
  • Medieval Twitch.
  • Riot Girl Tristana.
  • Season Rewards Skin.
  • Skin Shards and Hextech Crafting.
  • Sanguine Garen.
  • Triumph Ryze.
  • Certain special edition skins.

How To Get Free Skin In League Of Legends

There are a few ways through which you can get free skins in, LOL. They are listed below:

1. End Of Seasons Rewards

It is quite well known that at the end of each season, there are rewards. Riot gives a free skin as a reward as well. Every year, a new winner bags a new skin. The rewarded skin is termed as “Victorious.”

To win the skin, you have to use the meta characterization the most. The player who gets the most meta wins the Victorious skin. Beautifully designed in shades of gold and silver, they draw inspiration from the Summoner Cup. There are a lot of skins such as Morgana, Maokai, Graves, etc.

Another way to win a skin through reward is the Honor level. A player who completes leveling five honor in a year will be rewarded two skins: medieval Twitch or GreyWarwick. The winning player has to choose between the two costumes.

2. Loot

The loot system is another convenient way to get free skin. It may be a long and ineffective procedure, but you can free skins. The skins that you get are, at times, not the ones that might be useful for you but still are a source of free skins.

The procedure starts with performance. Where you or your teammate gets an S or variant of S for excellent performance. As soon as you receive it, you are rewarded with a chest. As soon as you do so, you are gifted with a Skin shard. You have to unlock this Shrad in a loot system.

Now all you need to convert this Shrad into a skin that you can use, you need orange essence. The amount required depends on the skin. It is one way by which you can get free skin.

3. Promotion

League Of Legends often performs promotions. These promotions are random. The players often get free skins via promotions. It is another free way to get skins if you are lucky and your stars smile on you.

4. Skin Shards

One of the most fruitful ways to get free skins.  You can get free skins very easily via skin shards. All you need is Hextech Chests. Open a Hextech chest in the Hextech crafting system, and you can easily get free skin. 

The catch here is that if you want to convert the shard into the skin, you need to use orange essence. Orange essence is not easy to find and requires hard work. Hence though finding skin shards is easy, converting them into real skin is not. It is obvious because Riot is no fool.

5. Hextech Skin

You can easily buy Hextech skins with the help of gemstones. The Hextech skins are premium. It cannot be counted as free, but gemstones can be easily collected during the game. The only method of unlocking Hextech skins is through the way mentioned above. 

6. Gifts

The journey in League Of Legends is quite an unpredictable one. Riot has given the option of gifting in the game. Your friends in-game can send you a gift. It can be free skin. It may not be possible, but if you are lucky, you never know. 

Final Talk 

The methods given above are feasible for a long time. Riot is clear that skin is a major source of revenue, and hence there is no way getting skins will become easier in the future. The methods above are tried and tested.