What Is Blue Essence In League Of Legends? How To Earn It?

Every game has in-game currency. The function of the currency is just what it has in the real world. To buy new characters, equipment, weapons, costumes, etc. League of Legends has an in-game currency called Blue Essence. Blue Essence is not the only currency however it is used to perform important functionaries like buying new Champions. 

Formally Blue Essence is known as influential points. Out of all the currencies present in the game, it is the fundamental one. The importance of the currency makes it crucial to have it as much as a player can. 

The easiest and the most legit way to earn the blue essence currency is to play the game. however, some ways and tips can help you to get it quickly. If you are struggling to get more of blue essence in your pocket then we are here for you. We will tell you what Blue Essence is, how to use it, and write how you can get more of them easily. Do you know you can also check how much time you spent on League of Legends?

How Can Blue Essence Be Useful 

Being the Prime currency of league of legends blue essence has to be used judicially. To make the best possible use of it we have a guide to tell you where you can spend it for the best results. Have a look below:

1. Acquire Champions 

Champions are the heart and soul of League Of Legends. The best of champions take you to victory. The preliminary rule of Blue Essence is to buy champions. You can even upgrade them with the help of Blue Essence. It can be concluded that the more currency you have the better Champions you can purchase. 

2. Get Chromas

if you are wondering what chromas are, they are simply a new feature launched by League of Legends. A Chroma is a Champion’s skin. It has quite a role to play in the game. With blue essence in your pocket, you can get the chromas when they are on sale. 

3. Procure Run Pages

some players prefer to jump along with several run pages. If you are one of them then Blue Essence can help you buy them from the shop. 

4. Get Essence Emporium Exclusives

There is a different aura of exclusive things. Essence Emporium Exclusives is just another unique item that would be great if you get hands-on. However, being exclusive they can be expensive. The good news is that they open every 6 months so you have a lot of time to stock Blue Essence. If you have enough blue essence you can get hands-on any of the Exclusive items that you wish for. 

5. Upgrade Champion Mastery 

To get on level 6 or 7 is mastery. You have to upgrade yourself a lot to get at that level. Blue Essence can help you in upgrading. 

6. Altering Summoner Name

You must know that the Summoner name can be changed only after paying to the League Of Legends. If you really want to change the name you have to have enough blue essence in your pocket. 

Ways To Get Blue Essence

Now that you have a nice idea of why Blue Essence is so important, you must be curious to know about the ways you can get them. To simplify your job we have listed all the ways that you can use to get more and more a Blue Essence :

1. Play The Game!

One thing is for sure you cannot get blue essence by paying cash to League of Legends. You have to pay them for your hard work and dedication to the game. 

The more you play the game the more skilful player you are the more chances of getting Blue Essence. Play every game with full dedication and focus in you will receive the in-game currency as the return. 

2. Capsule Shards 

A little hard work and a little smart work can be the Mantra of success. With your sweat and focus, you reach level 5. As soon as you crack to reach the level you receive a champion capsule as a prize.

The capsule contains blue essence as a reward. It also has champion shards which can be traded for blue essence. All you need to do is to get them disenchanted and blue essence will shower on you. 

3. The Events! 

Events are also a great opportunity to get some extra Blue Essence. As you know that League of Legends organises events now and then. The event has multiple missions in it. On completing a mission a player can get rewards. The biggest reward is earning blue essence. 

Having said that we cannot deny that a player cannot complete all the missions as they are not as easy as they sound. However, we cannot deny the fact that where there is a will there’s away. Go out there complete the missions and earn those Blue Essence! 

4. The first victory of the day

It is said that the first thing that happens with you during the day will make or break the entire day. League of Legends decided to get you the best thing that happens by your first victory of the day. 

It is quite evident that the first victory of the day fetches you an amount. Though the amount of Blue Essence may not be great if you add them up every day for a week you can get quite a decent amount. 

5. Interchanging Event Tokens

Event tokens may not be a very tactful approach to get blue essence. However, a little bread is better than nothing. 

Playing the daily events and missions you may get event tokens as rewards or pickups. Each of these tokens can fit you 10 blue essence. Though minimal Deccan adds up to a larger amount. 

6. Esports 

You can earn a little us especially watching e-sports games. If you go to the official website of League of Legends do keep a track of any esports events going on. This is because League of Legends have watch missions and when you complete them you get blue essence in return. 

7. Crafting Blue Essence 

As stated disenchanting champion shards can fetch you blue essence. To do so you have to craft the blue essence by the Hextech system. 

Apart from the Champion shards, there are many other items that you can craft to fetch blue essence out. Use the Hextech system to craft the shards and you can get blue essence which you can use for a discount to make them permanent. 

Closing Thoughts 

The blue essence guide given above is our sincere approach to getting the currency in a legit way. Many other games enable you to buy in-game currency however League of Legends doesn’t. 

In the League of Legends, you have to work to get the currency.  if you notice in the guide given above everything said to have some kind of hard work involved nothing comes for free. Now go level up your honor in LOL and buy things from Blue Essence. We can only tell you the way you have to walk alone. We wish that the guide may help you in earning some extra blue essence and how you can use them properly.